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Kgalagadi National Park sightings : Mar/June 2005

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Kgalagadi National Park sightings : Mar/June 2005

Unread post by Kobus » Mon Mar 28, 2005 5:44 pm

Some interesting sightings in Kgalagadi:
4 Kudu (1 young bull and 3 cows) at Marie se draai
2 Warthog (1:1) just up from Grootkolk
47 Lion in 14 days!!!
Does anyone know anything about the mystery hornbill in Nossob yet? During our visit the rumours were all over the place.

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Unread post by Meg » Mon Mar 28, 2005 8:22 pm

Guinea Pig wrote:A question about the lions, Kobus. Some time ago we discussed the lions from Kgalagadi looking so much different to those in KNP according to visitors. What was your opinion of the Kgalagadi lions?

Hi GP,

The Kgalagadi lions are simply awesome. Huge black manes, so regal. The only photo I have of one here is an old standard print, but I can take a photo of it with my digital if you like and post it? No scanner unfortunately :)

If you can it's definitely worth a trip up that way. The entire place is fantastic. After going there twice I'm dying to go to Alaska as I'm sure it's the only place on this planet which will be able to rival the Kalahari desert for almost untouched beauty.
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Unread post by Kobus » Wed Mar 30, 2005 8:05 pm

Hi Guinea Pig

Yes, the Lions of the Kalahari certainly looks HUGE!
Unfortunately this is only due to the large open spaces they occur in. According to research by prof. Fritz Eloff and Prof. Gus Mills they are practically the same size as those in other Parks in South Africa - but hey - impressive does stay impressive!

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Unread post by Guinea Pig » Wed Mar 30, 2005 8:10 pm

Have a look at this link for the Quanjer brothers. Click on the link for Arnoud, he took the most amazing pics of a Kgalagadi Lion on a previous visit! 8)
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Unread post by DinkyBird » Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:01 pm

The lions introduced into Addo in 2003 were from the Kalahari. There was a very interesting documentry on 50/50 some time around that time on how they identified which lions to relocate and how they caught them and then moved them. Addo is obviously a very different environment to the Kalahari!
- Dalene


Kgalagadi National Park sightings

Unread post by Jumbo » Mon Jun 27, 2005 12:09 pm

The Kgalagadi is an amazing place. Once read an article where the author mentioned that you will either hated it, or completely fall in love with it. I cannot imagine that somebody will hate this unique environment

12 June
Stayed at Twee Rivieren and was welcomed by the resident yellow mongooses - very cute but too tame.

13 June - Travelled north to Nossob and then Grootkolk.
Plenty of Gemsbok - is it my imagination or has their numbers increased?
Springbok - and their numbers decreased?
Ostriches - some with a large number of chicks
Black backed Jackal - quite a lot
Red Hartebeest
Blue wildebeest
A family of bat-eared foxes
At Grootkolk a big herd of kudus came to drink at the waterhole.
Large variety of birds of pray and a Crimsonbreasted Shrike

14 June - Grootkolk and surroundings
10:00 the morning we were busy preparing breakfast - watching the bacon not the waterhole. Our neighbour drew our attention to the waterhole and there was the leopard, +- 70m away from us. :shock: He was very relaxed, had a drink and casually strolled of.
Later the day, on a drive, we saw 2 bat-eared foxes and a variety of vultures at a carcass.
Late afternoon, a herd of Blue Wildebeest came for a drink at the Grootkolk waterhole.

15 June - En-route to Gharagab
Apart from for the normal we also saw a warthog near Union's End picnic spot. Apparently this is also a rare sighting in Kgalagadi. The reaction of a springbok, that literary started running for isn't live, made us realizes that warthog might not be common.
Also saw a Northern Black Korhaan on the 4x4 route.

16 June - Gharagab
Not too much, although the Suricate family on the 4x4 route was quite special.
The evening we had two Gemsbok bulls fighting at the waterhole.
First for us in or near a camp, Springhare.

17 June - Gharagab
Did not go for a drive. At waterhole we saw gemsbok and steenbok. Also saw another Crimsonbreasted Shrike.

18 June - En-route to Nossob.
One eland bull was with a herd of gemsbok
Snake - don't know what kind, will post a photo under the Animals threat and ask for help to ID.
Evening at Nossob the black backed jackal almost stole my meat of my plate.

19 June - En-route to Kieliekrankie
A lot of the normal (gemsbok etc.) and a massive herd of springbok in the Auob river bed.
Black backed jackal digging out and eating a stripped mouse.

20 June - Kieliekrankie
Pale Chanting Goshawk catching a dove midair in front of our unit.
On a drive, saw the normal.
Steenbok at Kieliekrankie waterhole.
2 Kori Bustards foraging on the dune very close to our unit - actually saw a lot of them during our stay.

Did not see the legendary Kalahari lions, but believe the porcupine sighting is something we will probably never have again. One thing I am sorry about is not having an African Wild Cat sighting. Well, suppose now I have reason to go back. :lol:

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