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A trip of a lifetime (Kruger Park: 11 Dec - 16 Dec 2007)

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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A trip of a lifetime (Kruger Park: 11 Dec - 16 Dec 2007)

Unread post by Bush Andy » Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:43 pm

Hey guys!

Just came back from the Kruger today where I stayed at Croc Bridge (2 nights) and Balule (3 nights) in a tent!!

It was one of my best trips to the park and to all the forumites out there... Balule is awesome :mrgreen: :mrgreen: !

We saw all the Big 5 including a pair of lions mating in the road and a pair of leopards :mrgreen: mating :mrgreen: outside Balule in the evening from the camp fence :D :D ...the Balule faithful mentioned that the resident male leopard often makes his presence known but to see two of them mating from the fence in the clear is something i will never see again and something I will never forget!! (also saw hyena and heard lions at camp at night)

+ :D Wild dog in road, 3 cheetah's in road, 2 Black Rhinos in Road :D, side-striped jackal in broad daylight, Civet and Crocodiles eating a wildebeest in Engelhard dam! Plenty of BBJ's too and two hyena dens

Flash floods in once dry streams... closing of sand roads from olifants down to at least Orpen area of park today after rains lasting through Saturday night and into the mid-afternoon today... terrapins and frogs all over roads along with confused water monitors!

Will post some pics up soon... park was surprisingly empty, hot but empty! Also wettest I have seen the park in many years

Loving life right now... :dance:

cheers. :D [/u]
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