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A preachers visit to Kruger - Aug 2007

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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A preachers visit to Kruger - Aug 2007

Unread post by cglasgow » Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:47 am

well hold on before I get started cause we had some special sightings, I'm a KIWI living in Australia, and was on my way to Mozambique to build an orphanage and run some Christian meetings, when I decided I must go to Kruger for some time out on the way back, so I booked for the dates 16-21 August, and prayed for a blessing!!!!
Well went to Gorongossa a few days prior to going to Kruger and was not impressed at all, I hope for their economies sake that they get their act together!!!!
Now for the Kruger stuff
16 Aug entered kruger in the afternoon, saw wildebeast etc, we came through the Numbi gate and I stayed out as long as possible, and we saw Kudu etc! But unfortunately the whole Pretoriuskop region is quite barren at the moment because of the fire, even though we saw serval on a night drive, and cheetah are active out near the Phabeni gate at the moment, and you never know where an Elli will turn up at, Rhino's are there two with a herd of Buffalo's :clap: ! So it is good, but a bit trying!
17 Aug
got up early and chased a morning guided drive and had a white Rhino trot across the road :dance: !!!! We also saw some in the bush just off the road! Saw a beautiful fish eagle, as well as a huge herd of Buffalo right on the road! Saw Kudu, Zebra, Giraffe all on the way up to Satara, and then at the water hole calle siloweni, saw a lion just through the bushes, too many cars but everyone rushed down to see the pride and we got an awesome view of the beutiful Lioness :shock: , and my friends decided to hang out the car to take a photo of a lion 15m away, she was sleeping but let me tell you she woke up very quickly and jumped up (ready for a meal, she smelt the opportunity!!!) So the boys closed the window and she relaxed again, was amazing to see :shock: ! We saw Ellies Hippos and Crocs!
18 Aug
Well I'm an Seventh day Adventist, believe in creation so had special expectations for the day (sabbath), we went out from spending the night at Satara where we slept, and had Hyaena at the fence aswell as wart hog the night before and spent the night listening to roaring lions, who were out for a kill that night! How do I know, well on the sweni road after spotting the normal game through the bushes I spotted a MANE :mrgreen: raced down, and saw it :dance: it was a male at his prime with a full stomach slowly walking for a rest from his feast, he stopped and sat down licking his chops and cleaning himself all in front of us, he then got up and we followed and he walked right in front of our van, we were all by ourselves :clap: ! What an experience, went back to Satara picked up those who stayed at home that morning and started our drive to Mopani, we saw many Ellies, Baboons and another six Lions!!! On three separate sightings, as well as a herd of Buffalo, Giraffe :wink: !!! What a day ! We saw the other lions all around Olifants, near the water, the Eagle sightings were so beautiful as well, 17, and 18th 4 of the big five aswell as serval, generat, Hyaena cubs up near mopani about 3-4kms before mopani in a drain, beautiful condition!!!!
Some irresponsible person over took us as we were slowing down to see them on the road, he was speeding and nearly ran them over :( !
19th Aug we left the main roads tried to go down to the Phalabo??? gate sorry saw almost nothing even though reports of wildogs are out there!
20th travelling down from Mopani for our final night at Pretoriuskop and coming out of the Mopani veld we hit the jackpot, we had been praying for Leopards, but we found a pride of lions which had moved down from the Shipandani Hide,
where they tormented the people who stayed in their a few nights before, we saw one mum with around 6-7 cubs with a few more lioness's,walking with her, across the road another mum with a cub sleeping, all within metres of the road, drove a few kms down and saw a male lion sleeping under a tree flicking his tail :shock: !
Then we saw a beautiful leopard running around trying to figure out how to cross the road and try and get away from all the cars but in the process was out in the open and running around and came within 8m from our car we got awesome video footage, wow :dance: :clap: !!
We also had a white Rhino cross the road only metres in front of us, we drove down past satara and say two more leopards :shock: one in a tree aswell as one going down to drink!!!! We drove further down past satara and Buffallo we nearly got closed in, we had ellies and buffallo drinking together
and the ellies got a bit moody and chased a few buffies away!!!
Further down all by ourselves again while the action was happening up around satara, about 2kms from a picnic spot two young male lions crossed the road right in front of us!!!!!!! :big_eyes: !
Well we saw lots more including birds other Ellie experiences and have a little advice re best roads we experienced as I spent almost all my time active in the park. Have some great video footage, but will try and post some photos one day soon! It was a real blessing we left so thankful for all blessings
hope you have a great time there too!
Cliffy the Kiwi preacher
blessings to you

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Unread post by cglasgow » Mon Aug 27, 2007 9:03 am

Hey don't forget the panthers they got out west Sydney :lol: !!!!
Would be great to see them :shock: !
:dance: :dance: :dance:

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Unread post by cglasgow » Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:43 am

Yeah thanks
I got the serval on video, and loved seeing the unusual sightings like a digging jackal searching for food, just interesting. Thanks for tip KTP want to go somewhere with my family and was thinking about that spot, love the wilderness and have been a big africa fan for a while, Kruger was my 4th Safari and best thus far!
Thanks alot

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Unread post by Senyetse » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:22 am

Yep serval is quite a special sighting. I lived and worked permanently for a total of 3 years in the bush (not in KNP though) and never saw a serval in the wild. I have seen honey badger, African wild cat, caracal, porcupine but not a serval so count yourself quite lucky :wink: :D .
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Thanks a million

Unread post by cglasgow » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:29 pm

I wanted to say
thanks a million to all the forumites, who chat about the park and their experience, I studying the forum for about 3 months before I left and learned a heap :clap: obvously I only went for under a week, but it was invaluable what I learned, and I just wanted to say thanks
I had a great time :dance: :dance: :dance:
Blessings to all you park and animal lovers

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