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Micro - trip report (Richprins) - June 2007

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Micro - trip report (Richprins) - June 2007

Unread post by Richprins » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:16 pm

Just been in quickly today to check up on my back garden.

(At the risk of sounding presumptious.)

People, if you want to go to Kruger, go within the next 4 months.

Everything is perfect:

Bush starting to thin, waterholes being extensively utilised, burnt areas not too big and still producing a litle greenery.

(It was more of a "booze cruise", yet we managed to see cheetah twice and leopard once, all during "prime time" - 1.5 hours after sunrise and before sunset.)

1st cheetah around 08h00 on S7 near Pretoriuskop, 2 males

Leopard about 5km from Skukuza in road around 16h45

2nd cheetah on same road, Skukuza - PK, 5 km further, around 17h00, 3 males in road and marking territory.

Must add, still so relaxing and amazing - as always. Haven't visited for a while, and yet saw some unexpected things. More on other threads...
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