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Allison in KNP : Jan '07

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Allison in KNP : Jan '07

Unread post by Allison » Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:42 pm

Hello everyone,
Have been a forum member for nearly a year, but this my first post. Joined chiefly to check out the webcams, but then Orpen went down and have not been back here for ages. This is my first shot at posting. Hope I'm doing everything according to protocol.
Have just returned from a trip to Kruger. This was our second visit in nine months. Had a suberb time as always with (besides big 5 almost every single day) best sighting being a pack of wild dogs about 10 kms from Malelane gate; the most superb black mamba lying and warming herself in the road early one morning and a pair of secretary birds stalking across the road and into the bush on the road from Satara to Orpen.
We also saw the lionesses on the S100 stalk a zebra. But the silly inconsiderate beasts went and brought it down out of view... behind the river vegetation. Truly annoying. But so good to see them making their living.
Saddenend, though, to see all the litter in the park. Hard to believe some people chuck used nappies out the window of their cars. Papers and bottles and beercans and plastic bags all over the place. Breaks my heart.
Anyway, hello. I'm Allison. I live in Johannesburg. I work far too hard; am far too stressed; have a soft spot for snakes, frogs, chameleons and spiders; relax by digging in my garden; am a member of the apostrophe special forces; and look forward to making a cyber buddy or two here.
Good to meet you all.

[Post edited by DB - Allison, I have PM'd you to explain why I did the edit.]

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