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Whiskey Haze: Mikev in KNP : Jan 07

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Whiskey Haze: Mikev in KNP : Jan 07

Unread post by Shidzidzii » Thu Jan 11, 2007 3:04 pm

Just returned from a case of Scotch / 28 day trip to KNP .

Using my notes and checklists I'll proceed with my 1st ever trip report as the Scotch Whiskey and the long period of intense game viewing has left the information somewhat jumbled .

N4 to Numbi gate by 7am
Breakfast at Pretoriuskop with a refresher swim
3 nights at Lower Sabie hut
2 nights at Shingwedzi hut
5 more nights at Lower Sabie hut
9 nights at Orpen huts - joined by long standing friends from Haenertsberg and Krugersdorp for Christmas and New Year
Met more friends from Pretoria and AGATHA .
Rains came again on 30th Dec 2006
5 nights at Lower Sabie hut again
2 nights at Maroela campsite for the peacfull close to the bush experience , once all the kids are back to school .
1 night at Swadini on the way home
Panorama route home - temperature about 15 degrees lower
and the air as clear as a diamond

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Thu Jan 11, 2007 3:36 pm

pending the production of checklists some more recollections.

6000 kilometers , 280 liters diesel ave 4.7 liters per 100 km
wildcard rewards well over R300
swims about 4 a day
showers about 1 every 4th day (working to save water)
12 bottles of Scotch
only 3 kilograms weight put on to prove that Scotch is good for your figure considering the gourmet menu's
roads most rewarding H4-1 H4-2 S100 H7 S50 H10 S28
roads most dissapointing - none (enjoyed all the others too)
condition of gravel road surfaces - terrible (take a bakkie)
condition of veld - most areas have had good rain for grass growth but not so much for water pools to disperse the game .
therefore above average game viewing conditions .
lions - almostevery day and up to 3 X a day
cheetah - 3 time
leopard - 6 times (a personal best ever)
DUKE himself and other good elephants and herds
wild dogs - 3times including a chase and kill in front of my eyes
civet in daylight
african wild cat in Orpen that up close and trusting
goliath heron catching a tiger fish and swallowing it alive
birds excellent, most with progeny
even towards the end at least 4 new bird species per day

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:40 pm

righto , i've done my bird checklist as an excel spreadsheet and am having gwendolin process and post it .

before i do my animal checklist some answers to replies .

1 DuQues you are welcome to correct my spelling in the topic

2 Gwen - it could very well be Camcat . I saw it at last light without any torchlight and walked calmly over to it . it rolled around on the sandy ground right in front of me and "purred" .
Then he wanted to rub up against my leg but i withdrew so as not to let him become "tame" .
I couldn't help thinking of Astley Maberly the man who could talk to animals.

3 Ok Agatha , on New Year's day I had some Chateau Libertas to aid digestion as i was a little weakened by 2006 .

4 Madach - VW Golf TDi Estate but I do wish i had a Bakkie for the gravel roads .

5 Jose - I assume that the Goliath Heron wants to swallow before scavangers see and he can't smack it the way Kingfishers do . he did regurgeitate once and his throat was distended .

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:25 pm

some more sightings of the little things

giant african snail
orb web spider
dung beetles
giant bullfrog
yellow-striped reed frog
painted reed frog
foam nest frog nests
leopard tortoise
serated hinged terrapin
green mamba (roadkill victim)
account of a python hunting bushbabies in Orpen (the night before i arrived) and the bushbabies were very agitated the next nite too
tree agama
flap necked chameleon
tropical house gecko (and a moth kill)
rock monitor
water monitor
nile crocodile ( and crossing the tar road from sunset dam to the sabie river)
Turbina oblongata (purple flower on prostrate creeper) profuse along the H10 burnt areas
some more flowers but i need to consult C Pienaars book 1st
all the major trees including
maroelas with unripe fruit
scented thorn , hooked thorn and weeping wattles in blossom

and a long time spent at the skukuza nursery and boardwalk
and also the library / museum ( the beautifull stone building was completed in October 1961)
at least one visit to each birdhide, lookout and picnic spot
strolls around each camp (even if not a resident) with binoculars to birdwatch very rewarding if thirsty work

submit now 1st before losing this typing


Roberts 7 Global Names
1 Common Ostrich
2 Little Grebe
5 Whitebreasted Cormorant
6 Reed Cormorant
7 African Darter
8 Grey Heron
10 Goliath Heron
11 Purple Heron
12 Great Egret
13 Little Egret
14 Yellowbilled Egret
15 Black Heron
17 Cattle Egret
18 Squacco Heron
19 Greenbacked Heron
26 Hamerkop
27 White Stork
28 Black Stork
29 Abdim's Stork
30 Woollynecked Stork
31 African Openbill
32 Saddlebilled Stork
33 Marabou Stork
34 Yellowbilled Stork
37 Hadeda Ibis
38 African Spoonbill
41 Whitefaced Duck
44 Egyptian Goose
45 Yellowbilled Duck
46 African Black Duck
48 Redbilled Teal
53 African Pygmy-Goose
54 Comb Duck
55 Spurwinged Goose
56 Secretarybird
60 Whitebacked Vulture
61 Lappetfaced Vulture
64 Yellowbilled Kite
65 Blackshouldered Kite
70 Tawny Eagle
71 Steppe Eagle
72 Lesser Spotted Eagle
73 Wahlberg's Eagle
75 African Hawk-Eagle
78 Martial Eagle
79 African Crowned Eagle
80 Brown Snake-Eagle
81 Blackbreasted Snake-Eagle
82 Bateleur
84 African Fish-Eagle
88 Jackal Buzzard
98 Dark Chanting Goshawk
100 African Marsh Harrier
101 Montagu's Harrier
102 Pallid Harrier
103 African Harrier Hawk
104 Osprey
112 Redfooted Falcon
118 Coqui Francolin
119 Crested Francolin
120 Shelley's Francolin
121 Natal Spurfowl
123 Swainson's Spurfowl
124 Common Quail
125 Harlequin Quail
127 Helmeted Guineafowl
129 Kurrichane Buttonquail
136 Black Crake
146 Redknobbed Coot
148 Kori Bustard
150 Redcrested Korhaan
151 Blackbellied Bustard
152 African Jacana
157 Threebanded Plover
160 Crowned Lapwing
161 Senegal Lapwing
162 Blacksmith Lapwing
163 Whitecrowned Lapwing
164 Wattled Lapwing
165 Common Sandpiper
167 Wood Sandpiper
169 Marsh Sandpiper
184 Blackwinged Stilt
185 Spotted Thick-knee
186 Water Thick-knee
189 Bronzewinged Courser
196 Doublebanded Sandgrouse
198 Speckled Pigeon
200 Redeyed Dove
201 African Mourning Dove
202 Cape Turtle-Dove
204 Laughing Dove
205 Namaqua Dove
207 Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove
209 Lemon Dove
210 African Green Pigeon
212 Brownheaded Parrot
215 Purplecrested Turaco
216 Grey Go-away-bird
218 African Cuckoo
220 Redchested Cuckoo
224 Levaillant's Cuckoo
225 Jacobin Cuckoo
226 Thickbilled Cuckoo
227 African Emerald Cuckoo
228 Klaas's Cuckoo
229 Diderick Cuckoo
231 Black Coucal
233 Burchell's Coucal
235 African Grass-Owl
236 African Wood-Owl
238 African Scops-Owl
239 Whitefaced Scops-Owl
240 Pearlspotted Owlet
241 Barred Owlet
246 Fierynecked Nightjar
249 Freckled Nightjar
256 Little Swift
258 African Palm-Swift
261 Speckled Mousebird
262 Redfaced Mousebird
264 Pied Kingfisher
265 Giant Kingfisher
267 Malachite Kingfisher
268 African Pygmy-Kingfisher
269 Woodland Kingfisher
271 Greyheaded Kingfisher
272 Striped Kingfisher
273 Eurasian Bee-eater
275 Southern Carmine Bee-eater
276 Whitefronted Bee-eater
277 Little Bee-eater
278 European Roller
279 Lilacbreasted Roller
281 Purple Roller
283 African Hoopoe
284 Green Woodhoopoe
285 Common Scimitarbill
286 Trumpeter Hornbill
287 African Grey Hornbill
288 Redbilled Hornbill
289 Southern Yellowbilled Hornbill
291 Southern Ground Hornbill
292 Blackcollared Barbet
293 Acacia Pied Barbet
294 Yellowfronted Tinkerbird
296 Crested Barbet
297 Greater Honeyguide
301 Bennett's Woodpecker
302 Goldentailed Woodpecker
303 Cardinal Woodpecker
304 Bearded Woodpecker
308 Monotonous Lark
309 Rufousnaped Lark
310 Flappet Lark
312 Sabota Lark
314 Redcapped Lark
317 Barn Swallow
319 Wiretailed Swallow
320 Pearlbreasted Swallow
321 Redbreasted Swallow
323 Greater Striped Swallow
324 Lesser Striped Swallow
335 Forktailed Drongo
337 Eurasian Golden Oriole
338 Blackheaded Oriole
340 Pied Crow
344 Arrowmarked Babbler
345 Southern Pied Babbler
347 Terrestrial Brownbul
350 Yellowbellied Greenbul
352 Kurrichane Thrush
353 Groundscraper Thrush
358 Familiar Chat
359 Mocking Cliff-Chat
362 Whitebrowed Robin-Chat
365 Whitethroated Robin-Chat
369 Whitebrowed Scrub-Robin
370 Brown Scrub-Robin
371 Bearded Scrub-Robin
389 Yellowbreasted Apalis
390 Longbilled Crombec
391 Yellowbellied Eremomela
394 Greenbacked Camaroptera
410 Tawnyflanked Prinia
412 Spotted Flycatcher
417 Southern Black Flycatcher
420 Fiscal Flycatcher
423 Chinspot Batis
427 African Paradise-Flycatcher
428 African Pied Wagtail
430 Cape Wagtail
444 Yellowthroated Longclaw
445 Lesser Grey Shrike
446 Common Fiscal
447 Redbacked Shrike
448 Magpie Shrike
449 Southern Boubou
450 Tropical Boubou
452 Blackbacked Puffback
453 Brubru
454 Browncrowned Tchagra
455 Blackcrowned Tchagra
457 Gorgeous Bush-Shrike
458 Orangebreasted Bush-Shrike
459 Blackfronted Bush-Shrike
461 Greyheaded Bush-Shrike
462 Whitecrested Helmetshrike
463 Retz's Helmetshrike
464 Southern Whitecrowned Shrike
466 Wattled Starling
467 Violetbacked Starling
468 Burchell's Starling
469 Meve's Starling
470 Cape Glossy Starling
471 Greater Blue-eared Starling
472 Blackbellied Starling
473 Redwinged Starling
475 Redbilled Oxpecker
476 Marico Sunbird
477 Purplebanded Sunbird
480 Variable Sunbird
481 Whitebellied Sunbird
483 Scarletchested Sunbird
484 Amethyst Sunbird
487 Cape White-eye
489 Redbilled Buffalo-Weaver
494 Southern Greyheaded Sparrow
497 Spectacled Weaver
498 Village Weaver
500 Southern Masked-Weaver
501 Lesser Masked-Weaver
505 Redheaded Weaver
507 Redbilled Quelea
508 Southern Red Bishop
511 Fantailed Widowbird
515 Greenwinged Pytilia
518 African Firefinch
519 Jameson's Firefinch
521 Blue Waxbill
523 Common Waxbill
525 Swee Waxbill
530 Bronze Mannikin
532 Pintailed Whydah
534 Longtailed Paradise-Whydah
536 Dusky Indigobird
539 Yellowfronted Canary
544 Goldenbreasted Bunting

[edit gwen]
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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:40 pm

gourmet menus even if i say so myself and i must compliment the chef who learnt the secrets in Oshikati . This will also explain why so many sundowners were consumed while preparing the meals .

- braai beef chuck and lamb chops with salads and baked potato etc
- deboned springbok leg roast over the fire and veges
- eisbein with the works
- Limpopo Rumpsteak and mash potatoes
- Rumpsteak and chips etc
- Hunters Liver and onions with mash
- Chicken curry and rice
- Rumpsteak in brown gravy on pap
- topside beef burgers fried in butter with chips or mash (it's even more succulent than fillet , believe me)
- pork chops after an hour over slow coals
- spare ribs
- karroo lamb chops from our farmer pal who supplies Woolies nogal
- pan fried fillet steaks a couple of times
- mutton shank potjie with rice
- whole fillet grilled over hot coals and then carved into slices (mop up the juices with pap)
- oxtail ( the camp chef pours off the juice after cooking , then puts ice cubes into this to congeal the fat and then pours the lean stock back into the oxtail and veges)
- coleslaw from a Komatipoort cabbage (feeds 100 persons easy)
- a Limpopo freerange, 4 kg. lemon and herb chicken flattie .
the chefs secret is to baste with additional olive oil to prevent the lemon and herb blackening . 2 hours over very moderate coals and grill on highest setting .
- chicken a-la-king

- cooked oats or pap for early morning breakfasts
- sandwiches and coffee for the morning drives
- bacon , fried eggs , scrambled eggs , boiled eggs , kudu boerewors , kidneys , mushrooms , onions , tomatoes , green peppers , bully-beef onion tomato ragout , stywepap , rye bread , toast , honey , steak slices in gravy , pork rashers in combinations for bush brunch at picnic sites .
Mercifully only about half the mornings .
- Omelettes with everything inside for Christmas morning .

- rice pudding , tinned fruits for occasional deserts .

- Komatipoort shopping for food expeditions yielded excellent meals at the "Stoep cafe" (mentioned elsewhere too) and the most divine fried take-away fish from Odette at her "Mozambique cafe" . Odette dosn't fry in batter just dusted in seasoned flour as only the Portuguese can. Pity Big John's is gone now for the best prawns ever .

- peanuts , raisens and dried fruit emergency health foods returned home almost unused . won't drag them along again

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:28 am

gwen is attaching a mammals checklist . thanks gwen .

and i am having my negatives of Duke converted to digital to post presently .

Mammal list
Antelope Sable
Baboon Chacma
Badger Honey
Bat Epauletted, Peter's
Bushbaby Lesser
Bushbaby Thick-tailed
Cat Wild, African
Dog Wild
Duiker Common
Elephant African
Hare Scrub
Hyena Spotted
Jackal Black-backed
Jackal Side-striped
Mongoose Banded
Mongoose Dwarf
Mongoose Slender
Mongoose White-tailed
Monkey Vervet
Rhinoceros White
Squirrel Tree
Wildebeest Blue
Zebra Burchell's

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:19 am


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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:26 am

Very trigger happy there .
Posted a photo of Duke (i assume) before i could type anything . Well at least i got the method correct thanks to gwens intructions . Is all kosher gwen ?

Spotted about midday 26 December 2006 at Muntshe waterhole on his way to Mlondozi .

More to follow , but i have to go to a site meeting 1st.

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:26 am

1 Bert , evening meals in camps and a few brunches at picnic spots . Majority of scotch consumed from sundowner time and over the evening meal - that's why the meal is such a ritual - more drinking time . Each night was about 6 packets of ice .

2 I am going to post the full series of Duke's photos on the topic:-
Big Tuskers under Animals .

3 The section Rangers have new equipment for patrols (game spotting , poacher control etc.)

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