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First Time visit to KNP... And surely not the last!!

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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First Time visit to KNP... And surely not the last!!

Unread post by DuncanMcLoud » Tue Oct 10, 2006 8:34 pm

After being inspired by some of the awsome posts I have recently seen on this forum I have decided to share my first time visis to Kruger National Park.. I'll never forget it, and will surely come back!

I visited Kruger Park last may. Unfortunately I only had 3 days in the park, so you will all understand I am eager to get back and explore the park in a decent way. Witch brings me to the reason for starting this thread: I've been in Kruger Park with an organised trip, so I went with several people on guided tours (including a brilliant bushwalk) and I was a tourist a bit too much for my liking..

I'd like to come back in a more basic way, own transportation, maybe camping.. Well, thats what I'd like to discuss with all of you.. I liked the information the guides could give on all of the different animals, but isn't doing the trip by yourself the real deal?! Please give your opinion on the best way to visit Kruger!

For those interested, here are some pictures I realy cherrish from my trip:

baby baboon
Ellie up close and personal
beautifull bird
impala fight

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