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Daggaboy's Kruger Trip : Sept 2006

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Daggaboy's Kruger Trip : Sept 2006

Unread post by Daggaboy » Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:22 am

Hi All

I will be staying in Kruger from the 8-15 September (LS & Croc B)

Looking forward to switching my phone off and staying far away from my computer so no live updates! But hope to give you a good report (time permitting) as soon as i get back.


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Trip report

Unread post by Daggaboy » Mon Sep 18, 2006 12:48 pm


Back in the fast lane after a great time in Kruger. We spent 4 days at LS and then 3 based out of Croc bridge. We saw far to much to do a daily report - it would be more like a school project than something enjoyable. So i am just going to give you all a general overview and our highlights

The Park
The effects of the good summer rains are still very evident - the bush and the game are in excellent condition. There are some big burns but nothing that seems to extreme.Rivers are flowing really well and the dams are very full

LS Camp
Stayed in a tent. Tent a bit tatty and Baboons are a big problem, they do warn you but it is a pain having to keep all of your food locked up inside your bedroom. Location is unbeatable. Big downer is amount of litter below the deck! I am sure that 1 hour with a black bag would solve it.

CB camp
First time we stayed there - staff etc are GREAT! Camp neat and clean , have to give the staff a perfect 10. Downside is the noise from the road and farmers on the other side of the river.

Game viewing
I am not going to give every road name/number we travelled but out of LS we generally went north and from CB we went west and north. I think because the bush is still in such good condition and the water holes are not all dry we did not see as many big herds around water as expected. We were also there during full moon which is not great for the cats or the large herds - the cats are at a big disadvantage and tend to laze around and the big herds do a lot of feeding and moving at night. Some may disagree but i think the full moon is detrimental to the game viewing.

That said you will see below that we did have some fantastic sightings and cannot complain about anything

List of species

Buffalo - 2 big herds and bachelor groups
Elephant - mainly brding herds and young bulls
Leopard - 3 sightings
Lion - 9 sightings
Black Rhino - 1 sighting
White Rhino - too many to count!
Grey Duiker
Black backed Jackal
Side Striped Jackal
Blue Wildebeest
Common Reedbuck
Honey badger

1) Leopard cubs chasing birds in Sausage tree
2)Gymnogene Feeding on a Lizard
3) Herd of +- 300 buffalo drinking on Sabie
4)Lion defending his kill
5)Black Rhino
6) 2 Elephant bulls fighting
7) Watching W Rhino fighting and seriously goring - apparently very rare according to Estes book
8)Wahlbergs snake eagle catching and feeding on a young leguaan
9)Young hornbill trying to eat a fairly big snake - could only see tail - have it on video
10) Huge herd of buffalo coming into drink at a pan
11) Watching lions mating
12) S Striped Jackal - first one in SA for me
13) Following a massive male lion down the s25 for 1h30 mins while he marked his territory roaring as he went.
14) Watching 2 lionesses hunting impala - unsuccesful but thrilling

Unfortunately no sign of Duke or any other bulls with good tusks,asked around but Duke has not been seen for a while.

Wild dog and cheetah eluded us but this is the first time i have been to Kruger and not seen wdog so cannot complain. Cheetah is luck - we lucked out , there were sightings but they move so much that your chances of catching them again in exactly the same spot are slim

i have read a few previous complaints about the Salitjie Rd , it is no worse than a lot of the dirt roads in the park - which i personally think are in very good condition. If you want to see bad roads travel north of the limpopo! people are spoilt with the outstanding tar roads in kruger.

So all in a great trip and looking forward to going back again soon. Please if anyone has done any of the walking trails -not day walks- can they let me know what they are like. Sitting in the car for 8 days nearly killed me.

Hope you all have a great day wherever you are

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Unread post by Daggaboy » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:18 am

Saw the leopard cubs at the first layby on the LS to CB road, there is a sausage tree next to the layby and they were in that tree. I think it about 5km down the road so there is a pretty good chance that it is the same cubs. It was a real priviledge - we watched them for about 20 mins , in the tree and playing on the ground

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