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Annual Report : Virtual Region - 2012

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Annual Report : Virtual Region - 2012

Unread post by DinkyBird » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:32 am

As our ‘fledgling’ years as a region draw to a close, it gives me great pleasure to present the Chairperson’s 3rd Annual Report for the Virtual Region of the SANParks Honorary Rangers.

The region is currently made up of a membership of 17; three Applicants, and 14 Honorary Rangers. This is a growth in numbers of just under 30% for the past year on year.

The role of the Virtual Region is to facilitate fund raising and projects initiated by the SANParks Forum members; and to assist the SANParks Forum community with information or technical issues on the forums, as well as to also assist SANParks E Biz department in managing the Forums. Members of the region not only are active on the forums, but do duty in the National Parks and assist SANPark in other ways. For the year 2011 members of the region spent 8522 hours doing productive duty on the forums. For the first 3 quarters of 2012, these hours total 7000. The total direct and indirect contribution of the region for 2011 was R1 709 460.00 and as at end of Sept 2012, for the current year, this stands at R1 771 931.00.

Monies raised under the umbrella of the region by efforts of the SANParks forum members totalled to R125000.00 for the 2011 year. As at end of October 2012, this figure stands at R153369.00. All monies received are spent on the specific project they are donated/raised for. Admin costs are covered by membership fees paid by the VHRs, and interest received on the bank account.

As at end of October 2012 the region holds the following funds:
    • Tsammaland School in KTP: R 2 736.29
    • Christmas Drive (KTP): R 100.00
    • Mobile Webcam Project: R 10 237.50
    • Kids to SANParks: R 54 152.83
    • Anti Poaching: R42212.10

Projects that have been supported during the past year:
* Last December the Ga-Rankuwa Junior Rangers were sponsored an educational trip to Golden Gates Highlands National at a cost of R 18 378.18 - link

* In support of Anti Poaching a total of R 66 300.00 was spent on equipment for the ECI unit in Kruger National Park (44 Garmin GPS and specialised bags for the dog unit) - link

* Esri South Africa donated sophisticated anti poaching software and licence at a value of R99750.00 to the Kruger National Park. Thank you to Steve Hine from GISCOE and Lebogang Nteke & Ingrid Landman from ESRI for their support in this donation.

* Four SD cards and a camera were purchased for Augrabies and KTP for an amount of R 4081.20. link

* At the request of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park the petrol costs of R1000 for a community rugby team to travel to play matches was sponsored by the region.

* A sum of R3300.00 was collected and paid over to assist with hospital and travel costs for Albert Bojane, the ranger bitten by a lion in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - link

* The region assisted Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park with the cost of three guides to work in the park for 6 months, totalling R9000.00.

* There is an ongoing sale of Stiffnecks merchandise, of which a percentage of the profit is paid over to the Virtual Region - link

* An amount of R803.86 was paid over to purchase items for the Tsammaland School project in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. link Lists of items being sent via some central points have been kept by forum members, and these will be cross checked by KTP to ensure all items were received.

Projects the region has committed to in the near future:
- An amount of R31 000 has been committed to taking children from very poor and very remote areas to Augrabies National park as part of their Kids to Augrabies programme.

- An amount of R10 000 to support the Kids to Bontebok programme, which will resume next year, by buying a tent to facilitate the activities.

- An amount of R40 000 to assist with an items of highly specialised communication equipment in KNP as per the Wish List. This is a project being done in conjunction with Johannesberg South HR region.

Not all efforts that fall under the region are fund raising related. The successful Forum Logo project was guided by the region link and the forum community used their creative skills to try and win a boat for Bontebok NP - link ; and next year we can look forward to a photographic competition being run on the forums.

Although the Virtual Region is made up of a group of Honorary Rangers, and this report is a formal report on the region’s activities, the energies and hard work that goes into the projects and fund raising reported on is not done by the region’s members alone. It is a communal enterprise which involves the passion, labours and generosity of many members of the SANParks forums. To each and every forum member who has been involved in some way, be it running projects, keeping lists, promoting, donating, (the list goes on and on), over the past year, a heartfelt thank you – without you, none of the above would be possible.

To our Park Manager, Nedret Saidova, thank you for all your support, wisdom and guidance, always.

To my fellow RMC members, who quietly work extremely hard behind the scenes, thank you for your support this past year. It has been wonderful working with you three.

To all the VHRs, you guys are amazing, thank you for all you do and have done to assist building up the region and supporting the members online, and all this is done unconditionally.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, restful and peaceful holiday season, travel safely, and Hamba Kahle!
- Dalene

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Re: Annual Report : Virtual Region - 2012

Unread post by DinkyBird » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:48 am

Included here are some reports from members on activities held during the past year :

Duke Ellieton wrote:Biryani for Rhinos

This was a Anti Rhino Poaching fund raiser. Sharifa made chicken Biryani and vegetable Biryani and sold it for R60 a plate at cricket 2012 held at Skukuza

Below a videoclip for the event

More on the project here

The project raised R2600.

Mobile Webcam Project

This project was an initiative by Lionspoon and Duke Ellieton to raise funds for a Mobile Webcam.

The goal is to raise about R25000 for a mobile webcam which could be used at different locations to capture those rare sightings and aid in research at different SANParks

It is still a Work in Progress but about R10000 has been raised to date.

It is made up of a number of projects like Lionspoon and Duke Ellieton asking people to guess a special sighting at the Nossob Webcam

Lionspoon, Sharifa, Duke Ellieton and Spots at the Nossob Webcam

And Mites getting other mites to pledge donations for rare sightings when visiting SANParks

Sharifa will be holding a raffle promotion monthly for her Embroidery work and half the funds raised for this will go towards the Mobile Webcam

lion queen wrote:Tsamma Land School in Kgalagadi

This project started in June 2012 when Kgalagadi Guru posted about the re-opening of the school on the forum. It was not long before forumites were asking for a wishlist.

With the help of Guinea Pig, Scouter and ctv4 this project has grown to unimaginable heights. Guinea Pig is keeping all the admin in order and between the three of them they are organising lifts for goods to Kgalagadi in no time.

Within the first week the first goodies for the school were organised and on their way to the school.

So many people donated no matter whether they were in SA or overseas. The children were so happy and expressed their thanks by making cards and singing songs.

In the three months the following were donated (until Sept 2012)

Aircon unit
Artist apron set
Assorted Craft items
Boxes of chalk
Colouring books
Colouring-in Pads
Computers (6)
Confetti in different colours and shapes
Cookie cutters
Cookie Cutters
Craft pipe cleaner sets
Educational games/puzzles
Elastic Bands
Finger Puppets Felt
Glitter Glue craft sets
Glitter Glue Set
Glue Sticks
Ice-cream sticks
Interlinking ABC floor mat puzzle
Kids' Scissors
Pencil Crayons (12)
Pencil Crayons (24)
Pipe Cleaners
Plastic Play mats
Play doughs
Quilts and covers for the mattresses
Rolling pins
Round reinforcements
Scarves, beanies, Gloves
Sucker Sticks to build things with
Super Art Set (Crayons/Rubber/Sharpener/Waterpaint/etc)
Various cash donations for use as seen fit by Vanessa and Jannie
Wax Crayons (12)

So many ideas came forth from forum members who visited the school. With the recycle project the kids created some stunning craft items. Sport items were placed on the wishlist and the first items have already been donated.

Tsamma Land re-opens

Since the above list was submitted, a further list has been drawn up and will be published soon. Thank you to Gandalf for now keeping detailed lists of items she is co-ordinating and ensuring get delivered to the school.

ecojunkie wrote:The information for Silent Auction.....

The Silent Auction was started in the second year of Cricket@Skukuza by Curious Canadian and has run for 5 years at successive Cricket meets.

The basic idea is that items are donated for the auction. They are displayed at the Cricket meet, and those present can bid on the item through the day. At the end of the day the highest bidder gets the item.

Unlike a normal auction each item is not auctioned separately in order. There is a sheet of paper with each item. The first bidder writes down their name and what their bid is. Next bidder writes their name and the new (higher) bid……and so on through the day. Bidders need to keep checking back to see if they have been outbid and put in a new bid.

It is difficult to open this to forumites who are not at the meeting because of problems with postage for example. However they are able to take part anyway if they look at the list of forumites attending, and find someone who lives near them, then ask them to bid, and arrange collection of the item with them.


cheetah2111 wrote:Cheetahkie at the cricket

Cheetahkie at the cricket is a fund raiser initiated by Heksie. Heksie initially offered R10 to Rhino poaching for any photo of me with another Forumite at the cricket weekend, and R5 to anti rhino poaching for a photo of me kissing a tannie on the cheek! This got other Mites interested as they added their bets to add to fun for a good cause! It gave the forum community a sense of involvement in the event even though they could not make it to the event.

I had evidence of 19 tannie kisses, and once being chased by a husband!, R2000 was raised, plus whatever Bert payed :wink:

- Dalene

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