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Selaginella caffrorum

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Selaginella caffrorum

Unread post by terrestrial_man » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:42 am

I am currently working on a Flora of the Tetragonostachys and am posting up this enquiry regarding the
Selaginella species S. caffrorum, as it is a member species of the subgenus Tetragonostachys.
What I am looking for is ANY information about the species including its taxonomy, its natural habitats
and ecology of the habitat, its range of disturbution, and whatever else is known and can be shared.
I also would like to find images or links to images of this species. All contributions will be accredited in
the Flora.
Much thanks in advance.

The flora I have just started working on this year. I estimate it will take about 3 years to complete.
It is being done as a series of Excel workbooks which are hyperlinked together with installation
instructions in PDF.
The basic construct consists of:
1. Overview of the subgenus
2. Divisional groups: Rhizomatous, Dimorphic, and Monomorphic
3. Species
I plan on adding a fourth construct that focuses on derivation of the species and their relative distribution
which from what I can currently gather will be mostly conjecture.

To get an idea of what I am working on a sample of the Construct #1 is located on the second page of
my postings at a California Native Plant Society forum. Yes, I am in California and am not in much of a
position to really physically track down the various species on my own though I have done field research
on Selaginella bigelovii, a Californian endemic (including Baja California).
Here is that link:

If you are unfamiliar with the Tetragonostachys species of Africa, there appears to be only five, with some
varieties: S. balansae, S. caffrorum, S. dregei, S. nivea, and S. njamnjemense.

Currently I am splitting my time in this effort between working on a species workbook of Selaginella wallacei
and searching the net for links of info and images to the aforementioned African species. As time permits I will plan on posting relevant info on the native African species here. Surprisingly I have found several sites of info
but almost nothing on images of the living plants and of them in their native habitat. Hopefully this will change in time?

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