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What to do around Elephants

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Re: Correct behavior around Elephants

Unread post by Rooies » Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:51 pm

Stay a good distance from a breeding herd
Don't drive between a mother and her calf
Stay clear of bulls that are in musth
If an elephant is charging with ears flapping and trunk in the air, it is trying to intimidate you. But ears folded against the body and trunk between the fore legs, get the hell out of there or say your last prayer.
But, having said that, your chances of being seriously stormed by an ellie is one in a couple of million. (Based on the amount of visitors per year and the reported serious incidents)
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Re: Correct behavior around Elephants

Unread post by NickyG » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:18 pm

Ive had the unnerving experience of being charged 4 times in addo by elephants.

1 x by a juvenile, as big as my car, the rest by varying sizes of bulls.
Elephants a breeding herd just alighted from the bush, a matriachal herd, and obviously mom wasn't happy, and son took exception too, and went off his trolley a bit, and mock charged, trumpeting all the way to within 6m of my car (which was switched off)....the mum, Im sure made a rumble, as if to call the juvenile, as he turned tail, and caught up....and trotted up the dirt road.

In all cases, I can assure yu it was not provoked! Ive been parked in by visitors, with no space to turn, while a huge bull (in musth - urinating, and temp gland streaming) passed by my car, so close, the mud dripped off onto my windsheild. He took no real notice of me, and walked on by. I think I swollowed my heart 3 x that day.

My failsafe course of action is - beleive it or not, to light a cigarette. And leave a window down half way, they get a wiff of it, and give you a berth.

What ever you do, keep calm, and dont lose Ur nerve, give the elephant the respect it deserves in its domain, after all it is the worlds largest mammal. All other advice above is true and sound too.
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Re: Sticky Situation

Unread post by johanrebel » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:32 pm

Literally sticky? With lions several times. On the one occasion another vehicle came and picked us up, we could just clamber straight over. On another everybody had to get off and walk some distance away so that the driver could gun the lightened vehicle out of the mud. The lions found it all very interesting, and would no doubt have been amused had they possessed a sense of humor. Neither these or other sticky lion encounters occurred in Kruger.

With elephants? The trickiest one was where I had to get an elephant off the road, as turning around and going back was not an option. The road was on a thickly vegetated hillside, narrow and full of bends. I ended up finding a spot where I could turn the vehicle around, and then reversed towards the elephant as fast as I could, honking the horn loudly. The idea was that I could drive away forwards at speed should he come for me. It worked, the elephant crashed down the hill, and thus even opened up a spot where I could turn the car around again.


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