Female Tusker - N'waMndlovu

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Female Tusker - N'waMndlovu

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Female Tusker - N'waMndlovu


Photo by Les Roberts

Origin of the name: ‘N’waMndlovu’, Tsonga meaning ‘Daughter of the Elephant’ refers to this cow’s role within the breeding herd. The images received would indicate she is not the Matriarch but one of the more senior cows in the herd structure, possibly a potential successor to the Matriarch.

Special Features: the tusker which can be seen in the south of the KNP, has long thin curved ivory with the right tusk seeming to have had a previous break and is shorter than the left with a more rounded end. The ears of this cow are fairly clean; there are several small w-shaped notches towards the top of the right ear lobe, the lower one being the largest of the series. A wide w-shaped notch is notable on the top of the left ear lobe when the ears are fully displayed.
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