Past Tusker - Mashagadzi

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Past Tusker - Mashagadzi

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Past Tusker - Mashagadzi
Photo by Dr Ian Whyte

Origin of Name: Mashagadzi is named after the waterhole just south of the Shingwedzi camp, where he was often seen by staff. (The name is an historical one of someone (probably a Headman) who lived in the area in the past.)
Range: Shingwedzi Rest camp area

Read more about Mashagadzi here
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Pieter Steyn
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big tuskers

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I am shocked to read about Mashagadzi's death.

At the end of April when we visited Shingwetzi we have spend about two and half hours watching him in a water pool near the bridge of the Shingwetzi river.

He did not looked as to be in a good condition. What we have found strange is the fact that he only washed behind his left ear. Spray mud on his left side and then wash the mud off again. It also looked as if he supported his head with his tusks while sleeping. He actually slept a lot. On the pictures you can see that he did not looked good.




I have taken 45 pictures of him while we were watching him. Diannet
I will e-mail the photo's to you if you want it with a full description what we saw.

Sad to think that we night have been some of the last visitors that saw him. I am of the opinion that next to Duke he had the second biggest tusks.
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Unread post by Skillie »

How sad to hear that three of these wonderful animals have gone.

Pieter, your photos are excellent, indeed you may have been the last visitors to see Mashagadzi. I agree that he certainly comes a close second to Duke. He really doesn't look good there. So sad.
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Unread post by Jose »

OMW!!! :cry: First Masbambela in November last year, and now this... I'm speechless!

I was offline all day, and couldn't reply until now... but thank you T and D! Your efforts to reach/inform me are much appreciated! Very thoughtful of you! Hug!!!
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That's very sad news indeed. :cry:

I feel very lucky that I saw Mashagadzi last year.
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Unread post by Nico »

This is a little video about one of the biggest Elephants of Krugerpark, "MASHAGADZI", he lived near Shingwedzi. He died 2007. :cry:

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Unread post by Ellies »

enjoyed the video many thanks for posting it.

Just a thought would it be possible to produce a cd or similar of say the top 50 emerging big tuskers and their known areas as many visitors look for these animals and being able to purchase a cd would give funds to the project but also allow visitors to have a good idea of which animal they are looking for where or at. It would also probably cut down the number of duplicate posts or time spent by the tusker team to identify the pics sent of known animals.
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anne catherine
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Great video Nico ,

I think it could be the big tusker we saw in february 2007 in the river bed of the Shingwedsi river ?
We saw an other one last february 2008 in the river bed of the Letaba river who seems very old and not in great health ..