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Current Tusker - Masthulele (Tihongongene)
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Re: SANParks Elephants

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The lady at the Letaba Elephant Centre told us there was a bull roaming around Letaba. We were lucky, the same afternoon we saw this big one in the Letaba area november 2015. I didn't get the name. Anyone?

Edit, after browsing the tuskers on this site I think it is Masthulele.

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Re: Current Tusker - Masthulele (Tihongongene)

Unread post by RosemaryH » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:51 pm

A response/update from the SANParks tusker team regarding Masthulele.

“In response to concerns raised regarding Masthulele, we can confirm the following, the last positively identified sighting of him was in early January 2016 close to the Kingfisherspruit section of the KNP. At this time the wound on his back had healed well and while he was not in peak condition he was healthy. Unfortunately there have been no confirmed sightings since then and he did not return to the north in the summer as in previous years. Several hopeful sightings have been submitted since then, sadly none of these have been of Masthulele.

The recent drought has played a toll on many older elephants and he would have been at risk during this period due to his advanced age. We are checking regularly with the rangers of the sections in which he was known to frequent and to date no carcass that can be positively identified as Masthulele has been found. It would be irresponsible to make presumptions without evidence so while there will be suspicions until such time as a carcass is found we cannot confirm his death based on the lack of sightings. Please keep in mind tuskers have been known to change ranges in response to environmental factors before. Tsotsi was not seen for a period of 5 years before he re-surfaced in the Northern Region recently.

We are trying to stay positive and as previously indicated we will definitely update the public as soon as we have any confirmed information regarding his status.”

Thanks for the response SANParks :thumbs_up:

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