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Best Areas In KNP For These Bird Species

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Ted W
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Best Areas In KNP For These Bird Species

Unread post by Ted W » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:06 pm

Apologies for this being fairly last minute, I will be in Kruger next week for 10 days (everywhere but the very south) could anyone give me some advice on where to look for these species? ( I understand that a lot of them are rare and/or hard to find in the park but its always worth a try!) :

- Black Stork
- Long-Crested Eagle
- Shikra
- Little Sparrowhawk
- Cuckoo Hawk
- Lizzard Buzzard
- Diderick Cuckoo
- African Emerald Cuckoo
- Half-collared Kingfisher
- African Pygmy Kingfisher
- Little Bee-eater
- Trumpeter Hornbill
- Narina Trogon
- Gorgeous Bush-shrike
- Shaft-tailed Wydah
- Red-collared Widowbird

I will be hugely grateful for any help, thanks!

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Karin Mitton
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Re: Best Areas In KNP For These Bird Species

Unread post by Karin Mitton » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:08 pm

According to the newest Kruger bird book's distrution map -

- Black Stork - dispersed throughout
- Long-Crested Eagle -rare, last seen in 2010. I have seen one on the N4 near Middelburg on my way to
Shikra - can be found throughout, I saw in in Skukuza
- Little Sparrowhawk - south, middle, far north
- Cuckoo Hawk - scarcely dispersed, bet bet seems to be south, isolated in the middle, far north
- Lizzard Buzzard - south, scarser north of Mopani
- Diderick Cuckoo - should be everywhere
- African Emerald Cuckoo - rare vagrant, apparently been seen south west
- Half-collared Kingfisher- Skukuza area, maybe Olifants
- African Pygmy Kingfisher - few pentads in the middle - good luck!
- Little Bee-eater - everywhere, I've personally foun them more in the south
- Trumpeter Hornbill - far north, Olifants, Satara area, south. I've only seen them near Croc bridge and in Skukuza ca
- Narina Trogon - good luck! Very rare in Knp
- Gorgeous Bush-shrike - same as above, best bet probably far north
- Shaft-tailed Whyda - between Ohalaborwa and Mopani
- Red-collared Widow Bird - south of Skukuza, isolated near Punda

I will be hugely grateful for any help, thanks![/quote]

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Re: Best Areas In KNP For These Bird Species

Unread post by wildtuinman » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:27 am

Ted W wrote: - Black Stork
- As Karen said, throughout the Park, but Sunset dam near Lower Sabie in particular is a good spot
Ted W wrote: - Long-Crested Eagle
- I saw one near Duke Waterhole between Lower Sabie and Croc Bridge and another up in Pafuri in Feb this year.
Ted W wrote: - Shikra
- Pretoriuskop, Skukuza and Shingwedzi (resident in the camp)
Ted W wrote: - Little Sparrowhawk
- Resident in Shingwedzi, breeding near the resturant. Also often on the tar road near Shimuwini.
Ted W wrote: - Cuckoo Hawk
- Only ever seen it in Pafuri, but Pretoriuskop is also a real good spot to find it.
Ted W wrote: - Lizzard Buzzard
- Skukuza, Pretoriuskop, Phabeni, Kruger gate in particular.
Ted W wrote: - Diderick Cuckoo
- Everywhere!
Ted W wrote: - African Emerald Cuckoo
- Not likely to occur in Kruger.
Ted W wrote: - Half-collared Kingfisher
- Tough one, only ever seen it once from the Nwatamiri bridge near Skukuza
Ted W wrote: - African Pygmy Kingfisher
- Resident in Letaba in summer
Ted W wrote: - Little Bee-eater
- Widespread
Ted W wrote: - Trumpeter Hornbill
- Widespread
Ted W wrote: - Narina Trogon
- Olifants camp with some luck, as well as the dense wooded areas around Nkulu picnic spot. Tough one to find in the Park. One was resident in Letaba for a while last year.
Ted W wrote: - Gorgeous Bush-shrike
- Widespread but tough to see. Skukuza, Pretoriuskop are your best areas, especially on the way to Tshokwane and around Shabeni hill.
Ted W wrote: - Shaft-tailed Wydah
- Only ever seen one in Kruger and that was in an inaccessible area between Punda Maria and Moz.
Ted W wrote: - Red-collared Widowbird
- Tough one, but have seen it at the lookout between Punda gate and Punda Maria.
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