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Park Lodging Reservations : How and when to proceed ?

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Park Lodging Reservations : How and when to proceed ?

Unread post by patrick04 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:23 pm

I wonder how to manage to make reservations online via Sanparks as
- the maximum period open to make areservation is 12 months from now;
- and the more successful places are fully booked during this period.
For instance I wanted today to book a bungalow in KTP at Urikaruus Camp: answer is no vacancy in the next twelve months from now, and it is impossible to look for a reservation for a later period.

I would be glad to get any advice about what to do.

Thank you very much !

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Re: Park Lodging Reservations : How and when to proceed ?

Unread post by Afriphile » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:42 pm


You are trying to get a reservation in the most popular camp ,run by SanParks,and it has only 5, 2 berth,chalets.

Bookings for the wilderness camps in KTP are snapped up as soon as the reservations open.Sometimes you can get lucky and get a cancellation.

You will need to try for a booking when they first open,which is usually 11 months in advance. For example August 2018 bookings opened on 1st September2017.
You can check on the opening of bookings in the "booking period" tab in the how to book section of the website.

If you are in SA,then you can queue up at one of the offices,but be early.
If overseas visitor,like me,you can either phone,or email a request ,but only after they have opened.
Online bookings open 24 hrs later,but most will be gone by then.

Good luck!!!!

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Re: Park Lodging Reservations : How and when to proceed ?

Unread post by Hippotragus » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:59 am

Yes, patrick04, the Wilderness Camps (and the main camps) in KTP are extremely popular.

I physically went to Reservation House the day bookings opened (some years ago now). I got there at 5.00 a.m. and was number 5 in the queue - luckily there were some friends in the queue so we drank coffee and chatted (I hadn't known they would be there!). When the doors opened at 7.30 a.m., be went to our consultants. Within a couple of minutes some of the camps were fully-booked for the times I wanted (even Nossob). I managed to get bookings for an itinerary that would work for us.

Cancellations do occur, so keep checking on the website and if you see something, snap it up. Make a booking for whatever you can find in the park and adjust it as bookings become available.

Good luck.
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