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Which Wildcard for an International and SAn couple?

Everything you need to know about the Wild Card program.
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Which Wildcard for an International and SAn couple?

Unread post by Serafina » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:50 pm

I'm South African, but my SO is English. Can we get a couple's Wildcard, (SA rates would be nice :lol: ) or do we need to get individual ones? Sorry if this has been answered before; I had a good look through the forum and didn't see a question relating to this. Thanks in advance.

Our trip is booked for next year and we are very excited; just checking everything out now. Such a long time until next July... :wall:

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Re: Which Wildcard for an International and SAn couple?

Unread post by saraf » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:03 pm

Hi Serafina,

It all depends on where you live. As I understand it, if you are resident in any SADC country then you will pay the SA rate. However if you are resident in the UK then its the international rate I'm afraid.


Local clusters are only available to South African and SADC Nationals.
Internationals may only purchase an International All Parks Cluster unless in possession of a valid South African residency/work permit.
South African Temporary / Permanent Residency (Work) Permit: Please remember to send us your Name, Application / Wild Card / Receipt (PMT) number, with a copy of your Passport and Permit, in order for your Wild Card Membership to be activated and, if applicable, your card to be posted to you. Fax to +27 86 616-8642 or E-mail:

Taken from here.

Hope you enjoy your trip.
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