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2011 SANParks Photographic Competition

The 2011 SANParks Photographic Competition saw an amazing array of breath-taking photographs submitted.



Participants were asked to submit either their Digital Compact or Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) photographs, taken between 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010, in any of the SANParks National Parks.

Photographs could be submitted in one of the following seven categories:

  • Portraits: All animals and insects (including reptiles and birds)
  • Landscapes
  • All animals and insects
  • Human activity in any SANParks National Park (legal activities, artistically interpreted)
  • Plants (flowers and trees)
  • Black and white (all subjects)
  • Birds

Competition Rules

  • Entries must be digital images, taken between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2010. Scans or prints are not permitted. No picture may be entered in more than one category. Series shots are not allowed, please submit one image from any series. You can crop images before submission, but please ensure the image quality is maintained.
  • SANPark employees, moderators and judges are not allowed to enter the competition.
  • The number of entries per member is limited to two (2) pictures in each section, per entrant.
  • Digital guidelines
    You enter by sending the photo(s) via mail to, with the information asked below:
    The original capture as it was recorded by the camera with no manipulation applied (eg *.DNG, *.JPG, *.NEF, *.CR2, *.CRW) may be requested if your image reaches the final stages of the competition and, if requested, must be supplied to us.
  • File size requirements
    The photos must be sent in jpeg format, resized to a maximum of 800 pixels on the longest side.
  • Calibration and colour
    For the best result please submitted images colour profiled/corrected using a correctly calibrated monitor and utilising Adobe RGB 98 colour space before submission. Entries will not be dismissed if the colour management is not according to our request. But we can not be held liable for not accepting images of poor colour. Allowances will not be made for poorly colour managed/corrected images, in particular please ensure your images are not over saturated and faithfully represent the subject.
  • Adjusting your image
    Digital adjustments are only acceptable if limited to minor cleaning work, levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work. The faithful representation of what you saw at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained.
    Compositing and multiple exposures are not allowed. Sharpening is allowed. Cropping (for instance to make a panorama-like photo) is allowed, but please ensure the image quality is maintained.
  • Filenames
    The photos have to be named as follow, all in small letters:
    dslr or compact
    category (just the number)
    your name, with dots and no spaces between the two parts, like
    1 or 2
    So if you submit a landscape photo taken with a compact it will read:
  • Other information required
    Hardware details (ie name of camera) should be mentioned in the mail, and if possible in the EXIF-information of the jpeg.
  • Copyright
    You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for all images entered. By entering your images into the competition, you grant South African National Parks a non-exclusive licence to publish the images for any purpose in connection with the competition including, but not limited to, the following purposes:
    * judging the competition,
    * display in the galleries,
    * inclusion within promotion of the competition and exhibition organised by SANParks.
  • Subjects
    The photos must be taken in one of the SANParks managed National Parks in South Africa. This means that for instance Pilanesberg photos are not allowed.
    Domestic animals (cats, dogs, farm animals, etc) and cultivated plants (species or hybrids grown in a cultivated setting) do not count as wildlife and are not eligible subjects. You must declare at the time of submitting if a picture has been taken in captivity or conditions that are unnatural (eg if live bait has been used). Details of the subject and location must be provided in the file info.
  • Other competitions/publications
    A picture that has already won a prize in a major competition (one receiving more than 500 images) is not eligible for entry. Please avoid entering images that have been widely published in the past 12 months or entered into other nature photography competitions.
  • SANParks and the forum moderators have the right to refuse any entries which they deem unfit for display as part of the competition.
  • Manipulation
    The faithful representation of what you saw at the time of taking the shot must be maintained. Sandwich shots, HDR, double exposures, photographs which consist in any way of more than one separate image and images that have been digitally manipulated outside of rule 4 are not eligible.
  • Closing date
    Closing date for entry is 21 April 2011.
  • How to enter?
    You must e-mail the moderators your entry before 21 April 2011. Only e-mailed submissions will be accepted.
  • Along with your entry, which should have the subject line read - Forum Amateur Photo Competition 2010. Please remember to:
  • Specify which category you are entering. You may enter the competition for Digital Compact cameras or the competition for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR). If you are not sure of the difference, pm a mod and we will help you out.
    - Your full name and forum name
    - Your e-mail address
    - A contact phone number
    - A postal address
    - Information on where and when your entry/entries was/were taken

Judging & Notification

  • The moderators and the SANParks photographer will make a preselection of 5 photos per category.The 5 photos per category will be on the forum in May/June. The forum members will choose the winner via a blind poll. There will be no discussion about the preselection.
    Should the quantity of entries in a particular category fall below a set amount, SANParks reserve the right not to award prizes.
  • Winners and commended photographers will be notified after the polls have closed. All the entries will be published on the competition gallery.


  • Winners will receive R1 000 each to be utilised for accommodation during a mid-week break.

Competition Winners