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Take Me To The Mountains

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Rejuvenation is on offer at Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Spend time in the majestic Maluti Mountains, hiking, horse riding, exploring caves and much more in their indescribable golden glow. The vulture’s restaurant (bird hide) welcomes birders to a proper vulture feast. Basotho Cultural Village will transport you back in time and take you on an incredible journey where a chief offers you mqombothi (sorghum beer), his wives offer you the fruits of their labour and a traditional healer offers you insight into African spirituality.

What To Do

Virtual Itinerary

Spend a weekend in the mountains at Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Where To Stay

Golden Gate Hotel & Chalets

With luxurious state of the art facilities, Golden Gate Hotel has a classy and modern decorating theme, 'African seasons', visible throughout the hotel and compliments the natural surroundings of the Park.

Marakele National Park

Setting foot In Marakele, right in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains, allows one to discover a park like no other. “A place of sanctuary” is ndeed what is to be expected, just like the Tswana name suggests. The region allows a remarkable mixture of wildlife. Rare yellowwood and sriking cedar trees, long and luscious bushveld and grandiose mountains, huge rowds of Cape vultures soaring through royal blue skies, exciting mixtures of wildlife trampling across the plains… Certainly an experience unlike any other.

What To Do

A narrow tar road takes visitors up to the top of the Waterberg massif. Views and scenery are spectacular. One is also in the proximity of the vulture colony and these large birds will soar past at close quarters.

Where To Stay

Bontle Camp

It's no coincidence that bontle means "beautiful" in Setswana. This pleasant rest camp has 10 tented units for those who would prefer a permanent structure more than putting up a tent and camp themselves. The tented units consist of four (4) family units and six (6) two sleeper units. All these units have a private veranda and are self-catering with its own fully equipped kitchen and outdoor braai stand.

The rest camp, with its unobstructed views of the unspoiled bush and mountain, is located in close proximity to the Park's main entrance gate.

Mountain Zebra National Park

Beautiful landscapes, invigorating air, a tranquil setting and an abundance of wildlife offer you a special wilderness experience to remember at Mountain Zebra National Park.

Situated near Cradock in the Eastern Cape, the Park boasts a conservation success story, protecting mountain zebra as well as other endangered wildlife.

What To Do

Track a cheetah

Game viewing as never before. An opportunity to track the elusive Mountain Zebra National Park cheetahs on foot. Drive out with your guide to search for them. When signal from a collared cheetah is found, you will have the opportunity to get closer on foot. An unforgettable experience that will bring you up closer to nature than ever before.

Where To Stay

4x2 Mountain Cottages

The mountain cottages (4x2 MC) provided a secluded rustic experience for visitors with high clearance vehicles. Umthombo (meaning "Fountain") is located near the Weltevrede picnic site and Bakana (meaning: "Beacon") in Berghofkloof. These huts can only be accessed with 4x4 or 2x4 (with diff lock) vehicles.