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The HR Participates In An Alien Invasive Task Group Excursion To Orpen

09 July 2008

The Lowveld Region of the Honorary Rangers participated in an Alien Invasive Task Group Excursion to Orpen on the 04 & 05 July. 20 Members attended the workparty.

The "Hackers" stayed at Kempiana which is close to Orpen. The aim of the weekend was to control Queen of the Night (Cereus jamacaru) which is an Invasive Plant that has an invasive status as a Transformer.

We assisted the Section Ranger (Richard Sowry) of Kingfisherspruit (Orpen area) to control these plants. All plants were spiked and sprayed with an approved herbicide. A total of 114 plants were controlled over the weekend.

Neither Buffalo nor Elephant could stop the hackers from doing their work. All plants controlled were marked with a GPS Cybertracker, so that exact numbers and locations could be plotted.

This hacking excursion was a follow up, from 2007's control period. We hope to do the same again next year and hopefully we will see the numbers dropping to an acceptable level. The Lowveld Honorary Rangers enjoyed the weekend and it was a privilege to work with Richard Sowry and his Field Rangers.