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Whales Arrive at Wilderness National Park

20 May 2008

The mild winters the Southern Coast experiences, makes Wilderness National Park a very appealing all year round destination. The whale season kicked-off early this year with many sightings of whales, seals and dolphins on the Wilderness Coast.

Southern Right and Bryde’s Whales have been seen along the coast line. According to the Institute of Dolphin Studies, the Bryde’s Whales are moving into the area as the water is cold and full of plankton. This attracts many bait fish such as pilchards and anchovy to the Southern Coast, which in turn offers the Bryde’s Whales an opportunity for lunge feeding. Bryde’s Whales and Baleen Whales filter out their food by lunging through bait balls of small shoaling fish. These whales can reach length of up to 15 meters and weigh approximately 20 tons.

Some bottle nosed dolphins have also announced their presence along with the twenty Bryde's Whales that are en route to Plettenberg Bay, where visitors have been privileged to witness some whales mating.

The park is offering a 40% discount on all camping and accommodation during May to September, except for school holidays. This excellent weather, coupled with the pristine wilderness beaches and sightings of unique marine life make the Wilderness National Park a perfect winter destination! Contact for more information and bookings!