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New Doors for the Letaba Elephant Hall

20 December 2007

After many months the doors to the Elephant Hall in Letaba Rest Camp have been replaced through the combined efforts of the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers, People and Conservation's Kirsty Redman, and the many members of the public who donated money to this worthy cause.

Early in 2007 Kirsty Redman approached the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers for help in replacing the 15 year old entrance doors to the Letaba Elephant Hall. The old and worn doors were no longer doing their job to protect the contents of the Elephant Hall from the elements or unscrupulous ivory dealers - bear in mind that the doors are open 365 days of the year and guard the ivory from Kruger National Park's legendary tuskers.

Recognising that the tusks in the hall are a priceless national treasure, and they need to be protected for generations to come, the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers took up the challenge. After a long hunt for the perfect doors (from both practical and aesthetic perspectives) a matching pair of hand-carved wooden doors were decided upon. The doors were expensive, but the public responded well to the Honorary Ranger's pleas for financial assisstance. The single biggest donor is a SANParks regular and forum member from the Netherlands, who has been involved in the project since its inception. An sms competition was also run via the SANParks website in an effort to raise the funds needed.

The Bushveld Region still needs to recoup an outstanding amount of R5 500 for the doors, and would like to encourage members of the public to help with this outstanding sum by making a donation via the SANParks website. Donors should select "Any Project" and then send an e-mail confirming the amount donated, and specifying that it is for the Elephant Hall doors, to e-commerce manager Nedret Saidova. These e-mails will be kept confidential and are for administrative purposes only.

The good news is that the new doors have arrived and been installed at Letaba in time for the holiday season and are proudly guarding the Elephant Hall and the priceless heritage housed therein. The old doors will be repaired and used in less 'stressful' conditions.

The Bushveld Region Honoray Rangers want to everyone who contributed to this project, and commend the dedication of the project leader, Quintin Vermaak.