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Graffiti Clean-Up at Historic Cape Point Light House

25 July 2007

iKapa Honorary Rangers Ruedi Siegenthaler, Vito Viglietti, George and Sue Smith, painted the graffiti off the historic lighthouse at Cape Point. The light house is in a very high visitor zone and is often the target of graffiti vandals. This type of vandalism occurs not only on the light house but also on the walls and rocks at Cape Point.

SANParks Table Mountain National Park requested the help of the Honorary Rangers to repaint damage done to this historical light house.

Built in 1860, this was the first lighthouse in South Africa, and besides its light at night, was a navigational aid used as a beacon for shipping during the day. Because of the high incidence of fog and mist at Cape Point a second lighthouse was built on Dias Point. This new Cape Point Lighthouse was built in 1919 and is more effective, being lower than the original lighthouse. The light is more visible to shipping and can be seen more easily in misty conditions being only 87 meters above the ocean. This lighthouse has the most powerful light on the South African coast.

The old lighthouse situated on the highest section of the peak is now used as a centralised monitoring point for all lighthouses in South Africa, and is a historical monument.

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