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SANParks Welcomes New Honorary Ranger NEC

30 May 2007

SANParks would like to welcome the Honorary Rangers leadership for 2007, chosen at the HR Indaba on 12 May at Marakele National Park.

NEC Portfolios 2007

De Witt Hanekom: Administration, Uniforms, Merit Awards, Internal compliance of regions, assist new regions

John Brankin: Environmental education, Training for HR’s, SANParks and Public, assist PEAP team, National Quiz and Liaison with Tourism division

Cedric Hapgood-Strickland: National Youth Committee including Junior HR’s, Liaison People and Conservation Division

Sue Smith: Strategic Fundraising; Friends of SANParks

Elbeth le Roux: Driving and monitoring HR’s contribution to SANParks, Statistics and Project register, assist Cedric with Liaison with People and Conservation division

Judy Bouwer: Report relationships with Parks North & South, consolidate and summarize Regional annual reports

Piet Andjelkovic: HR communication, Trunk Call/Go Wild/Website/Media/Internal SANParks Press releases and Events and developments, assist Elbeth with Statistics and Project register

Johan Stone: Bush Camps, Events Pricing committee, HR Marketing video

Ted Nkuna: Portfolio to be decided (absent from pic)

Paul Maluleke: Transformation, assist and advise Regions to meet Transformation objectives (absent from pic)

Ashraf Sayed : Membership recruitment & retention nationally, KNP Environmental programme

Andrè Vosloo: Vice Chairman South, Legal, Admin rules, Chairperson’s manual, Code of conduct, Coordination of National Projects, meeting agendas & minutes, Coordination of Guardians for Southern region and Regional Performance for Southern Regions

Janssen Davies: NEC Chairman, HR Affairs, relationship with SANParks HO, constituency building and HR strategy and development

Andrè van der Merwe: Vice Chairman North, Finance, Budgets, Financial reports, Fund Raising reports, Corporate Governance, Indabas, NEC & Chairpersons’ meetings, Coordination of  Guardians for Northern Regions, Regional Performance of Northern regions, Liaison with Conservation Division

Chris Patton: SANParks- H/O Liaison

Taboureux Naudè: SANParks- Secretary

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Caption: NEC, left to right, listed in order of announcement.

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