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The SANParks Research Report 2012

21 August 2013

The report was inspired by an earlier assessment of selected research achievements in SANParks for the period 2008 to 2011. The objective was to reflect on our achievements as well as to showcase the (scope of) research conducted within the organisation, with particular emphasis on 2012; this is actually the first time such an annual research report has been produced within SANParks.
Contributions were solicited from throughout Scientific Services, with far many more received than were able to be accommodated (which is in itself a reflection of the scope and diversity of our research). 

The report does not intend to be an all-encompassing break-down of the research carried out, but rather attempts to highlight the scope and function of the research undertaken, how this research underpins the management of the SANParks estate, the burgeoning focus on social-ecological research, and the people involved (including external collaborators and research partners), their objectives and the challenges facing them.

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