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Nigerian 911 Scam

30 January 2013

Information about a Nigerian 911 Scam

Please note:  There are no such persons in the Kruger National Park (KNP) or related to the KNP.

The modus operandi of these people,  is the following:

  • They supply e-mail addresses with the adverts.

  • When contacted by interested buyers they will supply a bank account number and will request the buyers to deposit 50% of the price money into the account before the horns can be sent.

  • Once the money has been paid into the mentioned account, the syndicate will disappear just to start another advert with different names and account numbers.

  • Please do not reply to these adverts or engage in any communication whatsoever with the proposed sellers.

Examples of adverts: 

Rhino horn scam advert 

Rhino horn scam advert

Rhino horn scam advert

Rhino horn scam advert