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Changes to bookings as a result of Natural Disasters

25 January 2013

Please take note of the following guidelines with regards to changing a booking as a result of a natural disaster:

  • Affected guests will be informed as soon as possible, after such event has taken place.

  • Guests are also welcome to initiate changes to bookings by contacting the reservation offices 

  • Affected guests will be informed that booked facilities are no longer available and that we will do our best to assist them with alternative bookings.

  • SANParks staff will do their best to find and offer alternative accommodation and/or during alternative periods.
  • Should alternative accommodation no longer be available, SANParks will make monies paid as a deposit available for alternative bookings at a later stage.

  • As long as the changes are due to natural disasters, guests will never be required to pay cancellation, modification or amendment fees.

  • In cases where bookings were made online and guests received the 5% discount, the alternative booking should also be subject to the 5% discount.

  • Should alternative accommodation be available and there is a difference in price, the following guidelines apply:

    • Should the price of the accommodation be higher than originally booked, the guest will be required to pay in the difference before accommodation can be taken up. If this is not accepted by the guest, then guest has right to cancel. 

    • Should the price of the accommodation be lower than originally booked, the guest will receive the benefit thereof and any credit on the booking will be available on client account for future use.

Joep Stevens