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Archived News

Update on the heavy rains experienced in Mapungubwe

22 January 2013

  • The rain has stopped.

  • All the camps are closed.

  • R572 from Musina to Mapungubwe is closed due to the bridge at Weipe that collapsed.

  • The R572 to Pont drift / The town of Alldays is accessible by normal 2x4 vehicle.

  • All the roads in the park are still closed except the main road from the main gate to treetop.

  • All staff members are safe and no injuries have been reported in the park.

  • Most tourist facilities are still underwater, eg. Interpretative Centre , Tshugulu Lodge, Limpopo Forest Tented Camp, Mazhou, Treetop, Malountswa Pan Hide.

  • The Electricity has been restored.

  • Telephone lines are now working.

  • Some animals have died.

  • All 4x4 roads are closed.

  • The park is open to day visitors with 4x4 vehicles to limited areas.

  • The clean-up operations has started.

  • The camps will be open to the public on Saturday (26 January 2013).

  • The park is full of water everywhere.

  • The Limpopo river is still full to capacity.

  • Staff accommodation affected are Limpopo Forest Tented Camp, Rhodes Drift, Schroda, Samaria Farm are still under water.

  • Staff members at Samaria Farm have lost all their personal belongings and the road to the farm will not be accessible by road at least  for days to come.

  • All staff members will receive counselling as many are visibly traumatized.

  • The following roads are closed: * Schroda, All river roads, all 4X4 roads, Denstaat road, Tshugulu road, The road to the tented camp and Samaria road.