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TMNP launches revamped Activity Card

29 September 2011

The My Activity Permit – produced in association with Hi-Tec - sports a new look and feel which is perfectly suited to the outdoors. The permit is available to the general public.

The cost of the card is determined by the impact the activity has on the park and ranges from R135 for a dog-walking permit to R 280 for a horse riding and line fishing permit.

“We recognised that when Table Mountain was declared a national park, users that were able to actively enjoy the park would fear being restricted because the focus was now on conserving our unique natural heritage. However, the park embraced the obligation to recreational use by zoning the park according to ecologically significant areas and designating areas for certain recreational activities.  Furthermore, park management engaged with recreational users to develop codes of conduct that would reduce the conflict between users and mitigate impact on the environment.  For example, in some areas dog walking may be separated from cycling, while in other areas dogs are not allowed at all, as in the Cape Point Section of the Park” says Park Manager, Paddy Gordon.

The My Activity Permit incorporates all of these management objectives.  We therefore invite all users to obtain their relevant activity permit and thus acknowledge both the privilege and the responsibility of enjoying a recreational experience in this spectacular national park.

Ian Little, Hi-Tec Marketing Manager had this to say, “Hi-Tec has a long established relationship with SANParks and is delighted to partner with TMNP on the My Activity Permit. We are committed to supporting initiatives which allow the public the opportunity, to be active in the park hopefully in their Hi-Tec footwear and clothing!”

Cost of the My Activity Permit:

Level 1 dog-walking: R 135
Level 2 hang-/para-gliding, sport and rock climbing: R 210
Level 3 horse riding, mountain biking and line fishing: R 280

When purchasing TMNP’s My Activity Permit, 2 ID photographs are required.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The My Activity Permit is only valid when accessing the park for the purpose of the specified activity. Access into the park for leisure purposes only (for reasons other that performing the activity) require the relevant access cards or entrance fees where applicable.

  2. Children are able to purchase a My Activity Permit on condition that the child’s legal guardian signs the application form on their behalf. The child’s ID number and photographs will appear on the permit card.

  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when performing the activity.

  4. My Activity Permit cards are not transferable.

  5. rices are subject to change without notice (prices will go up as per the annual standard increase on 1 November 2011)

  6. Misuse of the My Activity Permit will result in confiscation.

  7. Permit holders may undertake their permitted activity in designated areas as per the relevant EMP (Environmental Management Plan) all of which are available on the website (

  8. Levels 1,2 and 3 are not included in the National Wild Card or My Green Card and must be purchased separately.

  9. 2 ID photographs are required and will be visible on the permit to allow easy identification at spot-checks.

  10. The My Activity Permit is available to all visitors and users of Table Mountain National Park.

  11. Permit holders may not undertake more than one activity at the same time.

  12. My Activity Permits may not be used for commercial gain in terms of the activity undertaking.

For further information on TMNP’s My Activity Permit, please call +27 (0)21 701 8692, e-mail: or visit

Please note that Level 4: consumptive use is not part of the My Activity Card but the necessary TMNP permit and MCM licence are still required.