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WCNP HR opens Preekstoel Information Centre

16 August 2011

The centre was built by the Honorary Rangers who have been working on this project, among a number of others, since the inception of the park’s Honorary Rangers.

Special thanks go to:

  • Clive von Groningen - West Coast Community Trust

  • Delani de Waal - graphic design

  • Riaan Steenkamp – builder

  • The various professionals who lent their time, expertise and copyright material to the project.

  • WCNP Staff who checked the poster information for technical correctness and applicability.

  • Honorary Rangers team led by Elbeth le Roux who researched & produced the posters.

  • Colin Codner who designed and oversaw the building of structure as well as producing two posters.

  • Honorary Rangers of the region who organised and manned the various fund-raising events and their sponsors, to provide the fund necessary to cover the costs of the poster production.

The Preekstoel Information Centre is open and a great tool for those visiting the park and lagoon. Be sure to give this stop a visit when you next visit the park.