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VHRs appoint new Regional Management Committee for their region

06 July 2011

The VHRs are located in cyberspace, with members in all parts of the country and even as far as the Netherlands. The SANParks Forums is where the VHRs promote SANParks.

In recent developments - the following members of the SANParks Forums are the members of the Virtual Region. Each year a new Regional Management Committee (RMC) is elected.

2011 RMC

  • DinkyBird (Chairperson)

  • Imberbe (Vice Chairperson)

  • JenB (Treasurer)

  • Boorgatspook (Secretary)

Members (HRs)

  • Bert

  • DuQues

  • Ecojunkie

  • Matthys


  • Baffers

  • Jazil

  • Odessy

  • Sparks

  • Duke of Sharifa and Duke

Please feel free to contact any of the above members with any questions or matters relating to the VHRs/forum projects/fund raising etc. We are all here to serve SANParks and the forum community.