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Flower Report for Namaqua National Park - Skilpad Section: 27/06/2011

27 June 2011

Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:

  • April 2011: 3.3mm (but had 27.8mm in March 2011)

  • May 2011: 65.8mm

  • June 2011: 75.7mm (to date)

Although the rain has not been excessive, it has fallen at very good intervals. Over the past 5 weeks we had rain at weekly intervals, ranging from 9mm to 39mm. This has resulted in seeds germinating en masse and the resultant green carpets looks promising. Some of the rivers have also started flowing for the first time in two years.

Flowers already out include Oxalis sp. and some vygies.

The road to Skilpad is quite corrugated, but drivable with normal sedan vehicles.