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Media Release: Positive feedback on the Easter holidays in KNP

04 May 2011

There were still a few day visitors who somehow brought alcohol with them at the gates but the majority of visitors did not bring liquor at all, something which management appreciates and would like to thank them for. Some positive feedback was also received from the visitors such as the following.

“I must congratulate you on this decision you took. While I was very concerned about your decision (as per a previous email), my family and I were in the Kruger National Park this weekend and all I can say is what a difference. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to stop at any picnic spot we wanted to (and we stopped at three different ones) and what a pleasure. There was no one loitering around, no thumping music from vehicles, no broken beer bottles and trash lying around. Well done to you and your team”, said one of the regular clients on his email feedback.

Protection Services and Honorary Rangers staff assisted the security personnel at the gates, camps and some picnic spots to police on the matter. No major problems were reported during that busy period.

Compared to last year’s Easter holidays wherein 335 rule violation fines were issued, only 281 fines for speeding and other violations were issued during this year’s Easter. The joint operations which comprised of Protection Services staff, SAPS and SANDF on the roads and other strategic points throughout the park made a huge difference.

“We would like to once again thank all visitors for the improved conduct which led to fewer violations and for responding positively towards the alcohol rule”, concluded the KNP’s Head of Public Relations and Communication, William Mabasa.

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Laura Mukwevho, Media Relations Practitioner, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: (013) 735 4262, cell: 082 807 1441 or e-mail:

William Mabasa, HOD: Public Relations and Communication, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: (013) 735 4363, cell: 082 807 3919 or e-mail: