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2010 SANParks Photographic Competition now open for submissions!

29 March 2011

And like last year, you will be able to enter in 7 categories.

The 7 categories in both the Digital Compact cameras and Digital Single Lens Reflex are as follows:

  • Portraits: All animals and insects-including reptiles and birds

  • Landscapes

  • Animals & Insects: All animals and insects

  • Human activity in any South African National Park: This must be legal activity and it must be artistically interpreted. It can include things like being stuck at ellie roadblocks, traffic jams with lions, doors, windows, palm trees, lonely benches with the river in the background etc.

  • Plants: flowers and trees

  • Black & White: all subjects

  • Birds

Last year's entries can be viewed here.

Read the forums for more detailed information. Good luck!