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iKapa Honorary Rangers clean up graffiti on rocks

04 May 2010

iKapa honorary Rangers clean up graffiti painted on rocks in the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP).

The historic Cape Point Lighthouse is regularly given a makeover by the Honorary Rangers to hide the graffiti that is painted on the walls of the lighthouse. They have now turned their attention to the rocks in Table Mountain National Park, as well as walls, railings and other structures within the park.

Removing paint from rock is not as easy as simply painting the lighthouse to cover graffiti, so iKapa Honorary Rangers were very impressed when they learned about Plascon’s new “RemovAll” paint-removal fluids. Plascon have donated supplies of the product to enable them to clean areas defaced by graffiti and to restore the natural beauty of the landscape within the park.

“There are several different RemovAll products, and we had to experiment to find the best technique to use on different surfaces and paint types that are used to deface the mountain. Metal signs, for instance, need a different formula from rough and porous sandstone surfaces,” said HR George Smith.

Before Honorary Rangers could use it in the National Park, the Park authorities had to be satisfied that the product was environmentally safe. The specifications of RemovAll were carefully assessed by South African National Parks senior rangers, and, with the Park’s approval, iKapa Honorary Rangers were given the green light to embark on the project.

HR George Smith has taken the project under his wing and can often be seen with his team scrubbing away at defaced areas on the mountain. “Many visitors have seen us working and ask what on earth we are up to. They laugh when we tell them we are cleaning the rocks and then we explain, they become hugely supportive, and thank us for what we do. That is very satisfying.” Commented Smith.

Issued by:
John Elford, iKapa Honorary Rangers,, cell: 083 253 9213