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Projects & Activities

Transfrontier initiatives

  • Animal translocations (plains game moved) add to this 111 elephant, 50 buffalo, 10 white rhino, 25 roan, 16 Lichtenstein’s hartebeest
  • Veterinary subcommittee for the Joint Management Board of the GLTP – we actively participate in joint veterinary discussions and planning affecting the greater region
  • Disease monitoring in the GLTP – we have done surveys on Tb in buffalo in the Limpopo NP
  • Radio tracking – we have assisted Limpopo NP and also other potential transfrontier parks with collaring of elephants and subsequent follow-up as well as other collars fitted to sable, roan and buffalo

Development of parks

  • Translocation and restocking of animals into newly developed national parks
  • Supply of animals for when animals are exchanged for essential land purchases
  • Special species introductions like predators to Addo (e.g.) and genetic additions to ensure general health of reintroduced animals (e.g. elephant bulls to Addo from Kruger)

Species conservation management

  • Black rhino notching and movements (big focus of the Kimberley unit)
  • Rare and valuable breeding projects like buffalo, roan and sable at Graspan and roan in Kruger
  • Sable rehabilitated from zoos back into the wild (Back to Africa)
  • White rhino movements in Kruger and to other parks
  • Disease-free buffalo breeding project (1997 – 2006)

Sales and contractual agreements

  • White rhino sales from Kruger to private reserves to generate income for the park development fund (land purchase i.e. biodiversity asset swap) – link to resource use policy
  • Rare and valuable sales from Mokala NP and Graspan (for same reason as above)
  • Support local initiatives like Kirkwood auction at Addo – disease –free buffalo from Addo available to private reserves
  • Provide endangered species like Cape Mountain Zebra and Black rhino for cooperative conservation projects (CMZ in cape province and black rhino internationally)
  • Supply of game to contractual NP (remain property of SANParks) to enhance partnership relationship

Disease management and monitoring

  • BTB monitoring in buffalo in Kruger
  • BTB monitoring on lion in Kruger
  • General disease monitoring in all parks when opportunities arise
  • Sarcoid research in Mountain Zebra in Bontebok NP
  • Disease prevention principles applied to animal movements – quarantine facilities both in Kruger and Kimberley


  • Lion anesthesia development
  • Hyena anesthesia development
  • Collaborative projects on long-term studies on TB in buffalo in Satara (with mammal Research Institute and University of Berkley in the USA)
  • Collaborative project on lions and buffalo interaction linked to TB in Satara (as above)
  • TB diagnostics