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State of Knowledge Reports

Scientific Services (Garden Route) has compiled a State of Knowledge (SOK) report for the Garden Route National Park. The primary objective of this report is to improve awareness of information available from various published sources; all of which has relevance to park management, planning and research.

The SOK report does not provide extensive summaries of all available literature, but rather provides brief introductions to topics covered in published papers and reports. All information is referenced so that further reading can be undertaken if required. The current emphasis of the SOK report is on biophysical and ecological attributes and environmental processes, which reflects the competencies of the authors. However, it is hoped to widen the scope of this report in the future by providing better cover of other aspects, such as history and social sciences, but to succeed in this endeavour Scientific Services (Garden Route) will be dependent upon input by specialists in these fields.

The target audience was initially SANParks staff but it has become apparent that the SOK report has a much wider appeal. It is important that users, especially non-SANParks users, familiarise themselves with the contents of the Disclaimer in the SOK report.

Readers who are aware of omissions or inaccuracies or who wish to make comments on the State of Knowledge Report are encouraged to contact the Regional Ecologist (Jessica Hayes:

SOK reports for Agulhas, Bontebok and West Coast national parks, which have previously been compiled by Scientific Services (Garden Route), can be accessed on the following link. These SOK reports will be maintained and updated by the SANParks Cape Research Centre and can be contacted on 021 713 7500.