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Transformation Mission

The transformation mission of the South African National Parks is to transform an established system for managing the natural environment to one which encompasses cultural resources, and which engages all sections of the community.


We will:

  • Demonstrate a firm commitment to the transformation process in both organisational development and our relations with external stakeholders
  • Have respect for all individuals, recognising different value systems and promoting social equity
  • Co-operate and share information within and outside the organisation for mutual benefit
  • Be honest and sincere in our dealings within and outside the organization
  • Be motivated, enthusiastic, responsible and professional in our work
  • Provide a high quality service to our clients
  • Maintain a culture of transparency through openness, good communication internally and externally, and through involvement of our stakeholders
  • Uphold environmental ethics in relation to conservation and presentation of natural and cultural resources
  • Value individual initiative in making contributions to the organization
  • Be dynamic in responding to the changing environment and community needs

Transformation Statement

South African National Parks (SANParks) is striving to transfer power and control of resources from the minority that had been appointed and privileged by an undemocratic system, to the majority that participates in the new democratic process. It is also directing the benefits of its activities to providing for all South Africans, rather than the more wealthy and privileged sections of society.

Transformation is both a strategy and a process. It requires a shift in organisational culture so that SANP moves from being inhibited by the legacies of the past, to becoming a vibrant and dynamic organization that is an international leading edge agency. This needs to draw on SANParks’ considerable strengths, talents and potential capacity.

Transformation is a strategy by which:

  • Strengths and significance, weakness and vulnerability of the organisation are identified
  • Legacies that inhibit the organisation from drawing on all people’s relevant talents and potential skills are confronted
  • Key result areas for change are established to guide the conservation and presentation of national parks for enjoyment by all sections of the general public
  • Transformation is a process that should inform all the business of SANP, also being manifested in the Act and the Strategic Plan. In particular, the process is concerned with:
    • fundamental corporate culture change across the organisation resulting in constructive and appropriate structures that support SANParks’ advisory, policy and operational functions;
    • development and implementation of access and equity, and equal employment opportunity policies, including corrective action to address gross imbalances in staff profiles and the employment conditions enjoyed by individuals in the organisation;
    • access and involvement of all stakeholders in the change process to ensure participatory democracy and ownership of the transformed agency, including reconciliation with communities adjacent to SANParks through their economic and cultural empowerment;
    • making major changes whilst maintaining the best of the past, releasing the potential of the staff and opportunities of SANParks through a dynamic and vibrant process that is driven by all personnel;
    • development of the SANParks as a public agency in the service of the South African society and the world at large by ensuring the full ownership of it by a democratic nation.

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2014-2015 BBBEE Certificate

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