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Media Statement: Table Mountain National Park Price Increases

17 August 2005

Following the launch of the R45 Cape Town WILD Card, which provides for affordable access to the Table Mountain National Park for Capetonians, as of 1 November 2005 the Table Mountain National Park will be implementing price increases and the following prices will apply to adult tickets:

Cape of Good Hope: R45.00
Boulders Penguin Colony: R20.00

Please note that the tariffs for kids and pensioners remain the same:

Cape of Good Hope:
Kids: R10.00
Pensioners/Scholars: R10.00

Kids: R5.00
Pensioners/ Scholars: R5.00

These increases are to take effect against a background of increasing pressure on Table Mountain National Park to deliver on the pressing issue of Visitor Safety. A spate of violent attacks on both locals and tourists alike have resulted in negative international press which poses an immediate threat to the health of the local, regional and national tourism economies. 

This added pressure has stretched our already limited budgets and human capacity at a time when two five-year tranches of international donor funding have come to an end. This has resulted in us having to virument vital conservation funds to provide for visitor safety. We have therefore found ourselves in a position where we would potentially have had to choose between upgrading and maintaining the Table Mountain National Park as a world-class tourist destination or increasing visitor safety.

To avoid this trade off, instead we have opted to allocate revenue from the price increases to supplement TMNP’s existing security programme by employing additional full time security staff dedicated to patrolling high use areas as well as purchasing extra equipment such as CCTV Camera’s, uniforms, informational signage and additional Visitor Information Centres. 

While the announcement of price hikes comes later than usual, the price of not taking radical steps to save the reputation and value of Cape Town’s National Park - a World Heritage Site and back bone of the regional tourism economy - would be higher still.

A study conducted by the UCT Graduate School of Business concluded that over a period of five years the TMNP contributed a total of R377 million to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product. It is important to note that this study only addressed the contribution made through employment and contracts and excluded the contribution it made to the tourism economy.  TMNP’s contribution to Cape Town’s tourism economy is the focus of the next study.

The price increases for 2005 have been sanctioned by the Park Forum Steering Committee – an independent advisory body that represents the interests of the citizens of Cape Town. These price increases have been sanctioned by the Park Forum Steering Committee – an independent advisory body that represents the interests of the citizens of Cape Town.

While this price increase will go some way to funding visitor safety, this will be followed by a further increase on 1 November 2006.  There will be no further increase in 2007.

The Cape Town WILD Card and the WILD Card Range:

WILD Cards are smart cards designed to offer affordable access to National Parks for Capetonians and South African Citizens. As part of the Infinity offering WILD Cards also offer “CashBack” rewards at certain Infinity partner stores.

The Cape Town WILD Card, exclusively available for Capetonians, costs R45.00 and gives the Card Owners 12 entry credits to the Table Mountain National Park and is valid for 1 year. These credits may be used in various ways for example: the Card Owner may use it 12 times or four people can use it three times or six people can use it twice. Essentially one person entering the Park uses a credit. At all times a Card Owner must be present in the group with a maximum of four adults at one time.

Depending at which pay point Cape Town’s WILD Card is used this currently represents savings of between R75.00 and R420.00.

Other cards in the WILD Card family – the All Cluster and Cluster WILD Cards offer unlimited access to certain Parks and nature reserves for a year. These are available for individuals, couples and families. 

More information on the benefits of the WILD Card is available on


Media Queries:
Fiona Kalk
Table Mountain National Park
Communications Manager
Tel: 021 701 8692

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