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Fires contained in Knoetzie Protected Area

11 July 2017

Fire teams assessed the Garden Route’s smoldering areas on Monday, 10 July 2017 and reported the flare ups in Knoetzie over the weekend are contained. The Knoetzie protected area is co-managed by the Municipality, a Conservancy and SANParks. Fire-fighting teams were alerted to underground fires hence they carved a path through the area to extinguish the fires. Although the fire was contained, the area is being monitored.

Other flare ups leading to last weekend were in Kransbos (part of the MTO ‘exit areas’), the Sinclair Reserve and Koffiehoek.

Have you seen these useful tips for after the fire:

With regards to wild animals, people are requested to not drop off carrots, cabbage and sweet potatoes in the forest! Wildlife in the Knysna forest was not badly affected by the fire. Where there are animals injured in peri-urban areas, volunteers are sent out to fetch them and bring them to a shelter by the Animal welfare organisations. People must not dump food for animals because

  • If it is in a burnt area, it means animals must walk through it, which in most cases, they won’t.
  • If left in peri urban areas, animals will get used to going to that area for food.

Remember a National Park is not a Zoo, feeding one animal will affect the ecosystem.

Klaas Havenga, Senior Section Ranger for the Knysna Forest points out the areas affected by the recent flare ups.

Media can contact: Nandi Mgwadlamba, 044 302 5633,

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