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Media Release: KNP slams down on rule-breakers

30 November 2004

Newer, harsher fines will now be imposed on rule-breakers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) with effect from October 1, 2004.

Some of the fines include a R500 fine if you disturb animals, a R300 fine if you allow any domestic animal into the Park, a R500 fine if you cut, damage or destroy any tree or plant and a R400 fine if you feed any animal.

Alighting from vehicle in an unauthorised place or protrude through open vehicle, open door or open roof also carries a fine of R500. Speeding fines applicable to tourists vary from R100 (between 61 and 64km/h in a 50km/h zone) to R1 500 (between 90 and 94km/h in a 50km/h zone) with Court appearances for anything over 95km/h.

Fines have also been structured for people living in the KNP, which include a R500 fine for damaging buildings to a R50 fine for keeping livestock or poultry. Fines for late driving and arriving at entrance and camp gates for staff members vary from R500 to R1 500. Staff caught speeding will also receive fines of between R250 and R1 500 or, for speeds of 105 km/h or in excess of that, staff members could face an immediate Court appearance. It must be remembered that KNP staff may drive at 15km/h more than the indicated speed limit in the KNP.

It is also an offence to use a private vehicle in the KNP for conveying passengers for gain without the necessary permit. The fine for such an offence is R500.

Regarding tourists, failure to report to reception before staying a night (R700), staying overnight outside a Rest Camp (R700) and staying overnight in a Rest Camp without payment (R700) will also considerably lighten your wallet.

Drivers who disobey the KNP “rules of the road” will also be in for the high jump if they:

  • Use un-roadworthy, unregistered or unlicensed vehicle in the KNP (R500);
  • Overtake in an unsafe manner, including overtaking on a crest of a hill, bend or any other place where vision is restricted (R500);
  • Reckless and negligent driving (R1 000 or Court);
  • Neglecting to drive on the left hand side of the road unless without obstructing or endangering or disturbing any animal (R200);
  • Neglect to give driving signals (R200);
  • Reversing carelessly (R200);
  • Driving on a no-entry road (R500);
  • Leaving the road anywhere other than a parking area in a rest camp (R200);
  • Damaging the surface of a roadway;
  • Inconsiderate driving (R400) and various other offences.

Pilots should also be aware that aircraft flying less than 500m (R750), landing an aircraft in the KNP without permission (R1 500) or landing at any point other than a designated landing strip (R1 500) also expect to be fined.

Other fines issued can include offences such as:

  • Littering (R400);
  • Trespassing (R400);
  • Obstructing KNP official from doing their duty (R750);
  • Hitchhiking (R200);
  • Bringing pets into the KNP, which will also be destroyed by a law enforcement officer (R300);
  • Neglecting to produce an entrance permit on the instruction of a KNP official (R300);
  • Failure to declare a weapon (R750), failure to ensure that the weapon is unloaded before sealing (R200) and failure to have weapon inspected before leaving the KNP (R300);

Other offences will result in immediate Magistrate Court appearances. These include:

  • Entering the KNP with any explosive, weapon, trap or poison;
  • Hunting;
  • Remove, damage or destroy egg or remove honey from a beehive;
  • Leave KNP with animal or part thereof;
  • Possession of any habit forming drug;
  • Possession of firearm or other dangerous weapon without consent;
  • Driving under the influence.

People who risk arriving late at the camp or entrance gates can expect the following fines:

  • Up to 30 minutes R500
  • 30 minutes to one hour R1 000
  • Over an hour R1 500

“We would like to encourage our visitors to enjoy the KNP but not make it unpleasant for anyone else and most of these rules are there for that reason. Please remember that there are other people around you that also have the right to be in the KNP and they should be treated as you would have them treat you,” said the Executive Director of the Kruger National Park, Dr Bandile Mkhize.

Visitors to the KNP are still encouraged to report rule-breakers to the local rangers, the KNP Protection Services or the Public Relations Department. Be sure to take note of the time, date, place and registration number of the rule-breaker. If you can provide photographic evidence, this is also welcome.

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Issued by:
Raymond Travers, Media Relations Practitioner, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: 013 735 4116, cell: 082 908 2677 or E-mail

William Mabasa, HOD: Public Relations and Communications, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: 013 735 4363, cell: 082 807 3919 or E-mail

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