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Media Release: More camera traps for Table Mountain National Park

Date: 2012-03-13

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On the 7th of March 2012, at the Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre in the Cape of Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park (TMNP), the Boulders and Buffelsfontein Volunteer Groups handed over a donation of R37 000.00 to the park for the purchasing of five camera traps and night vision equipment to be used in the study of animal behaviour as well as anti-poaching operations.

Initially set up in September 2011 as a test-project with equipment on loan from the City of Cape Town Conservation Department, the cameras are used to record the presence, behaviour and patterns of mammals and certain bird species and more specifically in the monitoring and studying of small mammals with nocturnal and crepuscular (animals that are active during twilight times) habits.

Adding to the invaluable support received by all of the park’s volunteer groups and organisations, the Boulders and Buffelsfontein Volunteer Groups rallied together and raised R15 000.00 to be used to purchase 5 camera traps that will be placed in the Cape of Good Hope section of the park. These cameras operate day and night, recording photographs and short video clips of animal behaviour in the park.

The camera traps also provide other valuable services such as the monitoring of human impacts such as environmental crime events (abalone poaching) and footpath and track usage.

In addition to the camera traps, the Boulders Volunteer Group donated a further R2000.00 towards the purchase of a camera for field rangers undertaking monitoring as well as R20 000.00 towards the purchase of night vision equipment to assist the rangers in their efforts to combat Abalone poaching. The purchase of the night vision equipment has resulted in improved successes and has lead to the arrest of over 80 abalone poachers in the last year alone.

This donation has not only allowed for the continuation of this very important project but will assist a conservation student to undertake research into the possible re-introduction of Honey Badger into the Cape of Good Hope Section of the Table Mountain National Park. Projects of this nature would not be possible without such fantastic support from the various volunteer groups working with the park. It is a great example of individuals and communities working together to take ownership of their areas and to support conservation initiatives.

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South African National Parks

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Wanika Rusthoi
Public Relations Officer: Cape Region*
South African National Parks
Tel: 021 701 8692 or 072 060 8188
*Agulhas, Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa & West Coast


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