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Media Release: KNP hails alcohol rule a great success

24 March 2011

Very few day visitors who brought alcohol with them were advised to either store or leave it somewhere else outside the park but the majority of visitors did not bring liquor at all, something which management appreciates and would like to thank people for the support in this matter.

“We would like to thank all day visitors who responded positively towards this new rule as well as encourage them to continue as such.” “We also would like to encourage them to assist us in spreading the message to others who visit the park in future so that they are aware of the new rule;” said the KNP’s Head of Public Relations and Communication, William Mabasa. Although no major problems were reported at the gates, the new rule ruffled some of the people and a few random incidents wherein people reacted negatively by either turning back or reacting angrily were reported.

Mabasa went on to say that the new alcohol rule is not meant to punish anyone “The idea is to eliminate the undesired state associated with alcohol when people are under the influence of liquor and to instead enhance the required peace and tranquillity that nature lovers always wish for each time they visit the national parks;” he concluded.

Furthermore, KNP traffic officers were issued with six new vehicles on Friday, March 18, 2011 in order to increase their visibility on the roads. Mabasa continued and said this is indeed a step in the right direction in that it is going to increase the visibility of our traffic officers on the road.

Visitors, who witness any incident of rules and regulations infringement in the KNP, are requested to report same to the Emergency Call Centre at 013 735 4325. The KNP has nine traffic officers who conduct patrols, administer road blocks and speed traps on the roads throughout the park; the team performs some of these duties with the support from Rangers and the SAPS.

Issued by:
Laura Mukwevho, Media Relations Practitioner, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: 013 735 4262, cell: 082 807 1441 or email:

William Mabasa, HOD: Public Relations and Communication, Kruger National Park. Contact: Tel: 013 735 4363, cell: 082 807 3919 or email:

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