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Media Release: Statement from South African National Parks on the liquidation of Vilayet (Pty) Ltd, trading as Natureâs Group

15 November 2005

South African National Parks (SANParks) today applied for the liquidation of Vilayet (Pty) Ltd – trading as Nature’s Group – the restaurant operator for all the camps in the Kruger National Park. The application was launched in the Pretoria High Court.

This follows a process which began in July this year in which SANParks gave Vilayet (Pty) Ltd notice to cease operations following continuous poor service levels. SANParks had given the company until January 2006 to wind up its operations.

Vilayet informed SANParks in written correspondence last week that it could not pay the monthly rental fee to SANParks, the restaurant staff salaries and creditors.

While SANParks conceded that the liquidation process could be disruptive to visitors, particularly international guests and tour operators who predominantly utilised the restaurants, the organisation said it had moved swiftly to minimise inconveniences.

“SANParks does not have the confidence that Vilayet has the capability to deliver the service level required by the Kruger guests” said Giju Varghese SANParks Senior Manager: Business Development.

“We have since put in place a process in which we will appoint an interim service provider as soon as the court order has been granted. The interim operator can and will move immediately. During the next 12 months, SANParks will commence a tender process for the procurement of a new operator for the Kruger restaurants. This will be for a nine-and-a half-year contract which will ensure that preparation for 2010 will not be compromised,” said Varghese, adding that the Vilayet contract would have expired on 31 March 2010.

Varghese further said that the appointment of the new restaurant operator will be done with even stricter measures in place. The new operator would have to re-capitalise the restaurant within a period of 12 months and would be required to have a better understanding of the restaurant business. They would also have to comply with the organisation’s Black Economic Empowerment stipulations.

Meanwhile, all staff in the restaurants will be transferred to the interim operator in line with labour relations provisions pending the finalisation of the appointment of a permanent service provider.

Varghese added that the implications of this state of events were that suppliers, staff salaries and tour operators may not be paid at the end of November. However, all relevant stakeholders were consulted and are constantly being appraised in developments in this regard.

He emphasised that only restaurants in the Kruger National Park were affected and that it was business as usual for all other restaurants in national parks throughout the country. All shops in the Kruger National Park, which are operated by Tigers Eye, a different service provider, are in full operation and offer a variety of basic commodities required by guests.

Vilayet (Pty) Ltd began operating in the Kruger National Park four years ago.


Issued by:
Lulama Luti: Manager: Media & PR
South African National Parks
Tel: (012) 426-5203 or 082-905-4645

Wanda Mkutshulwa: Head Communications
South African National Parks
Tel: (012) 426-5201 or 082-908-2692

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