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West Coast National Park

Educational Programmes

Environmental education is important in educating young people about our ecosystems, sustaining both plant and animal life. Through environmental education we are able to teach learners about the environment and link this to their school curriculum.

As a means of achieving this, a variety of programmes are offered at the West Coast National Park by the People and Conservation Department. Educational activities are as follows:


As a means of welcoming guests to the park a welcome presentation is done by the People and Conservation Department. The aim of the presentation is to introduce SANParks but more specifically the West Coast National Park to the visitors.

Dune Hike

This excursion entails a dune walk of 700m on the Dawid Bester Hiking Trail. On route the different medicinal plants and its uses are explained as well as the dune ecology on arrival at the dunes.

Birds, lagoon and saltmarsh ecology

This entails an excursion to either 1 of the 4 bird hides in the park to spot and identify the birds in the park. This talk can be supplemented with a talk regarding the Langebaan Lagoon system as well as the salt marsh ecology.

Game Drive

A game drive into Postberg Nature Reserve that includes game identification and viewing and discussion on the importance if eco- system balance as well as animal adaptations and eating habits etc. Environmental issues that are discussed include the over population of game in Postberg Nature Reserve and how we manage game.

Rocky and sandy shore ecology

This is a hands on activity where the various forms of life and rocks are explored. An explanation on what causes the tides is also done coupled with interesting facts about red tides as well as the search and identification of sea organisms under rocks, seaweed and kelp. This activity is usually done at Tsaarsbank and on the 16 Mile Beach.

Adopt-a-beach project

This involves a beach clean-up, analysing of garbage and a discussion on marine pollution.


Kayaking on the Langebaan lagoon is offered but is subject to weather conditions and the tides.

Educational Hike

The Geelbek Environmental education office offer 2 hikes which is the Strandveld Hiking trail which is14 km hike as well as a circular Dune hike which is also 14km. (Link must be inserted here).

Environmental Calendar Days

Except the fixed list of programmes offered, the People and Conservation Department also celebrates most of the special days listed on the Environmental Calendar e.g. Arbor Week, Heritage Day, etc.

Youth Facilities

For more information and to book educational activities and facilities, contact the People & Conservation Department on 022 707 9902/3.

Education 4 Nature

Education 4 Nature in partnership with SanParks provides top quality environmental education, leadership development, and outdoor adventure programs for groups of all ages. Our aim is to provide an authentic, environmental education and adventure experience that is fun, practical and interactive.

Education 4 Nature was established to promote the concept of outdoor learning within the West Coast National Park and to complement the existing educational programs. We specialise in custom designing an experience to fit in with the curriculum of the school. We cover a wide range of environmental topics and also offer adventure experiences in nature. Some of these experiences includes; team challenges, sliding down dunes, kayaking, hiking, bushcraft, building rafts, night orienteering and problem solving. We are able to design leadership identification and development programs according to the groups needs.

We operate from Ocean Way Bush Camp which was established with a vision to offer something unique. It sleeps 50 and has a "real" bush feel with tents on decks, a hall and large boma. Children can be found sitting around a campfire listening to or telling stories, studying the stars or going on a night hike. We are passionate about education and the environment. Our team members have a diverse range off skills in both the education and environmental / adventure fields. It is their combined passion for and knowledge of children, the curriculum, bushcraft and the environment that makes this a very special place.

Contact details:

Education 4 Nature
William: 074 487 5636
Education 4 Nature Facebook page

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