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Table Mountain National Park

Statement by TMNP on baboon matters in the Peninsula

A statement by Gavin Bell, Area Manager: Southern Section, Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) on baboon matters in the Peninsula was released on 28 May 2009.

  • TMNP contributes about R1m per annum towards the management of baboons. This includes baboon monitors who follow the two troops that live in the Cape of Good Hope section of the Park;
  • The mandate of SANParks is managing national parks;
  • SANParks manages animals and incidents that take place within the boundaries of national parks;
  • The TMNP is an open access park in a city and there is free movement of people and animals between the Park and the urban environment;
  • When animals leave the Park, it is the landowner, on whose land they find themselves, who has the responsibility to manage them; and
  • The Park, along with CapeNature, the City of Cape Town, UCT and Ratepayers associations representatives are members of the Baboon Management Team. This is a solutions-oriented body and the ratepayers associations have and continue to make valued input.

The Park encourages residents and landowners to take the following measures to baboon-proof their properties:

  • Manage your rubbish and ensure that baboons won’t be able to access it.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • Make sure there are no fruit trees on your property.
  • Appropriate electric fencing is key.
  • Do not feed baboons – you will be issued a fine if you do this in a national park.

Gavin Bell, Area Manager: Southern Section, Table Mountain National Park, Tel: 021 701 8692, E-mail:

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