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KNP 4x4 Adventure Trails

Please note:

The Madlabantu 4x4 adventure trail (which starts from Pretoriuskop) is currently closed due to damage caused by the heavy rain. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Get off the beaten track and traverse territories previously unknown.

Anticipate an experience of unforgettable adventure as your skills with your 4x4 determine your success or failure. More than just seeing animals, it is a unique opportunity to access parts of the park that are rarely explored.

With a limit of six vehicles per trail per day, this is an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the wild. The trails give you an opportunity to get off the regular tourist roads and have a real wilderness expereince of the park. They are designed as unique adventure experiences to add value to your stay in the Kruger National Park. Although not so much challenging, a 4x4 vehicle is essential to minimize environmental damage. Some of the trails have dongas or river beds to be negotiated while all can be treacherous in the wet season. There are four adventure trails in the Kruger National Park.

Two Adventure Trails

Trail Name
No. of Vehicles per day
Book from


Translates to 'Man-Eater'. Begins on the Pretoriuskop - Fayi Loop and winds southward towards, and then along, the Nsikazi River through Big 5 country. The northern part of the trail leads north from the Napi Road and loops past Mtshawu Dam before turning south to rejoin the Napi Road near Shabeni Koppie. The route is also traversed by a guided hiking trail, so don’t be disturbed should you accidentally meet trailists en route.


Max 6

R460 (R100 deposit)



Translates to 'Wilderness'. Begins 11 km from Satara, traveling a short distance north before turning east into knob thorn / marula savannah. Here you can expect herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, and of course their predators –– including cheetah.


Max 6

R460 (R100 deposit)



The Adventure Trails are weather sensitive and can be booked only at the respective camps:

  • Madlabantu (013) 735 5128 Pretoriuskop
  • Mananga (013) 735 6306 Satara

These trails are intended to bring you into close contact with some of the Park’s most stunning environments and its wildlife. Even though it is not challenging, a four by four vehicle with a low range capacity is essential to minimize the chances of mishaps. The routes have been designed to take guests as close as possible to the different wilderness areas in the KNP and were carefully chosen to bring out the uniqueness of the different landscapes and associated fauna and flora. They are not intended to ‘test’ a 4x4 vehicle. The vehicles should reduce environmental impacts.

Some of the trails have dongas or riverbeds to be negotiated, and some can be treacherous in the wet season. As the adventure trails are not graveled, they will be closed after rains so that they can dry completely.

The trails are self-drive and undertaken at your own risk, but a little common sense and preparation should keep you out of serious trouble. There are no facilities along the routes and you should make sure that you bring out with you what you take in. You should take great care at all times, especially when alighting from your vehicle, and keep well away from animals. Participants are requested to take their GPS with.

Currently costing R460,00 per vehicle, regardless of the number of occupants, there is also a R100,00 deposit. This deposit is refundable upon completion of the trail and serves as a method of informing camp management of your safe return. Bookable on an ad-hoc basis, the trail can be reserved the night before or on the morning you wish to travel it. No advance bookings can be made.

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Did You Know?

  • On 31 May 1926 the National Parks Act was proclaimed and with it the merging of the Sabie and Shingwedzi Game Reserves into the Kruger National Park. The first motorists entered the park in 1927 for a fee of one pound.

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  • Report rule breakers and other incidents to KNP's Emergency Call Centre on 013 735 4325

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