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Addo Elephant National Park

4x4 Trail

Ride the Bedrogfontein 4 x 4 trail between Kabouga and Darlington and immerse yourself in breathtaking views and early 20th century history. Imagine the perseverance of the early pioneers who traveled by wagon over these rugged mountains. This route was the scene of fierce battles between the British and Afrikaner troops during the Anglo-Boer war.

The route travels through a variety of vegetation types, from riverine thicket, to afromontane forest, to fynbos on the peaks and into the arid nama-karoo of the Darlington area.

Two species of ancient cycads grace the mountain slopes and towering yellowwood trees pierce the sky.

Numerous historical relics can be viewed along the way, including an old wagon.

4x4ers should carry their own water and no fires may be lit along the route. Maximum number of vehicles on the route is six, while it is strongly recommended that at least two vehicles travel together for safety. The route is only suitable for vehicles with 4x4 and low range facilities, both because of terrain and to cause minimum impact on the environment. A grade 5 river crossing is an option, but river conditions should be checked with the ranger. This 45km route can be easily traveled within six hours. There is no cell phone reception along the route.

Accommodation is available at Kabouga House or Mvubu campsite (camping only) on the Kabouga side. On the Darlington side, the luxury Darlington Lake Lodge are available.

The route is self-driven and can be followed either from Darlington to Kabouga or from Kabouga to Darlington. Kabouga is situated about 40 km (one hour’s drive) from the main park entrance, near the town of Kirkwood. Darlington is situated about 150 km (two hour’s drive) from the main park entrance.


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  • Is also home to one of the densest African elephant populations on earth



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