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Addo Elephant National Park

Archived News

Addo's Alexandria Hiking Trail

Date: 2007-01-30

Explore Addo's diversity by doing the two-day Alexandria Hiking Trail, which leads the hiker through three distinctly different environments, ranging from forests to coastal dunes to sea-shore. No other trail in the country can boast this diversity, as you clamber up the desert-like dunes and stand aloft cliffs crumbling into the sea, trek through high forest, and along spectacular beaches...

Media Release: New Boat to Aid Conservation of Marine Resources

Date: 2006-11-26

Conservation of valuable marine resources in the Addo Elephant National Park received a significant boost today with the acquisition of a new boat...

HR's Addo Golf Day a Success!

Date: 2006-10-26

The Honorary Ranger’s of the Addo region held their annual golf day on the the 11th August 2006 at the Humewood Golf Course.

"Memory Making" at Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2006-09-21

Do you remember the first time you went on a school trip and left the community where you were born and raised? Or the first time you lazed under tall trees on a spring day and had a picnic? Do you remember the first time you saw a lion? Or an elephant?

Media Release: Joint Rescue Effort for Oiled Penguins

Date: 2006-09-05

Forty-six oiled African penguins will today be rescued from Addo Elephant National Park’s Bird Island in a joint rescue effort. Park rangers stationed on Bird Island first noticed the oiled penguins on Wednesday, 30th of August, and began the rescue process. It is not clear where the oil spill that is affecting these penguins is situated, as no ships have been registered as run aground...

Minister Opens New Access Road at Addo Elephant National Park’s 75th Year Celebrations

Date: 2006-08-16

New areas for conservation and new opportunities for the communities living adjacent to the Addo Elephant National Park were opened up today by Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk with the official opening of the new southern access road in the Park.Minister Opens New Access Road at Addo Elephant National Park’s 75th Year Celebrations...

Draft Park Management Plan

Date: 2006-08-02

Here is the draft management plan for Addo Elephant National Park. The management plans are also in the process of discussion with stakeholders at scheduled park-specific meetings. Details regarding the time, place and venues for these meetings can be obtained from park management. For more information, visit :

Isidingo Shoot in Addo

Date: 2006-07-26

Shouts of “Action!”, “Cut!” and “Quiet on set please!” briefly transformed parts of Addo Elephant National Park into a film set at the end of June 2006 when 19 crew and cast members of the popular South African SABC soap opera, Isidingo, arrived in the park for a 3 day shoot.

Addo Elephant National Park Honorary Rangers Annual Golf Day

Date: 2006-07-11

The Honorary Rangers of the Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) are once again organising their Annual Golf Day. This year it will be held on Friday the 11 August at the Humewood Golf Club.

Media Release: Oribi Released In Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2006-07-10

Today, five pairs of oribi were released in the Addo Elephant National Park on the Langvlakte Contractual property.

This is a significant introduction as oribi (Ourebia ourebi) are classified as “endangered” on the IUCN Red Data List. In addition, this is the first time this highly specialised antelope species has been introduced to the Addo Elephant National Park.

Media Release: Double Honour for Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2006-06-05

Addo Elephant National Park celebrates once again this month after winning Professional Management Review (PMR) Golden Arrow Awards for Best Tourism Project and Best National Park in the Eastern Cape.

The awards are based on a survey conducted by PMR in January 2006 which collected 4 566 ratings from the Eastern Cape’s business, local government and provincial government sectors.

Media Release: Addo Elephant Trail Run

Date: 2006-03-18

Bruce Arnett

Today, 38 runners are competing in the Addo Elephant Trail Run. The event includes a 100-mile (160 km) and 50-mile (80 km) race through the Addo Elephant National Park.

The 100-mile race begins in the arid northern section of the Park at Darlington Dam while the 50-mile race begins in the town of Kirkwood.

Contestants will end the grueling trail run in the main camp of the Addo Elephant National Park.

Addo Elephant Trail Runs: 18 March 2006

Date: 2006-02-28

It’s three weeks to go to the 2nd Addo Elephant Trail Run, which includes a 100-Miler, 50-Miler and, for the first time, a 46-km hike/walk. These extreme sport events take place within the Addo Elephant National Park.

Media Statement: Cape Fur Seals Rescued

Date: 2005-12-20

On Friday, 16 December 2005, 24 Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) were released onto Black Rocks Island in Algoa Bay after a successful rehabilitation effort by staff of the Addo Elephant National Park and Bayworld.

Media Release: Addo celebrates first lion cubs

Date: 2005-12-03

Addo Elephant National Park is celebrating the successful birth of lion cubs, now about 4 months old.

Media Release: Park Manager Allays Fears over Proposed Marine Protected Area

Date: 2005-11-11

Reacting to concerns raised by residents of Colchester, Alexandria, Boknes and Bushman’s River, Addo Elephant National Park Manager, Lucius Moolman, assured citizens that their rights would not be taken away.

Media Release: Addo - elephant bulls move to new pastures

Date: 2005-06-29

Twelve elephant bulls from the Addo Elephant National Park will be translocated to private game reserves this week in a bid to relieve the elephant bull pressure in the park.

“Take a girl child to work day” at the Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2005-05-30

When I was in high school, I attended a careers evening. I arrived at the nature conservation talk full of eagerness and optimism. A huge man marched in to the classroom, belt bulging with a knife and pistol, rifle slung over his shoulder. I wondered if I had mistakenly attended the military service talk.

“Good evening”, he boomed, “I am here to tell you about nature conservation. First of all, if you are a lady, forget about it.” Feeling my heart sink, I listened to the rest of his monologue as he stated that only 11% of students selected for nature conservation would be women and that they would have to “settle for education or research” (the last phrase spoken in a tone usually reserved for cleaning toilets all day, every day).

Media Release: Addo Elephant National Park - 100-Mile and 50-Mile Marathon

Date: 2005-04-22

Eleven contestants will make history on Saturday the 23rd of April 2005 with the first ever extreme marathon through the Addo Elephant National Park.

Media Release: Minister Proclaims New Marine Area for Addo Park & Opens New Camp to Benefit Local Communities

Date: 2005-04-04

Speaking from the Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) the Minister announced both the addition of the St Croix and Bird Islands to the park, as well as the opening of the new Matyholweni Rest Camp, with local communities set to benefit directly both from the revenue generated, and from the greater influx of tourism to the expanded park.

Media Release: Back to the wild for orphaned black rhino

Date: 2005-03-11

Two orphaned black rhino calves were reintroduced to the wild today in the Addo Elephant National Park after a successful hand-raising programme of almost two years.

Media Release: Isuzu delivers for Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2005-02-14

GM South Africa has given support to the Eastern Cape conservation challenge by recently winning the tender to supply Isuzu vehicles to the Addo Elephant National Park.

Media Release: Twin elephants born in Addo Elephant National Park

Date: 2005-01-18

tiny elephants

Twin elephants have been born in the Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape. This is only the third time in the history of the park that such an event has been recorded.

Elephant cows usually give birth to one calf after a 22-month gestation period and the occurrence of twins is relatively rare. All three sets of twins have been born into the same family herd, to closely related females.

Hippo put down

Date: 2004-11-02

An adult female hippo had to be put down this afternoon in the Sundays River near Mackay Bridge by rangers of the Addo Elephant National Park.

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