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Wilderness 17 24 0

Get to know the Wildernes Region

If Addo comes first then we at Wilderness Section of the Garden Route National Park probably are last alphabetically but definitely not last in enthusiasm and dedication.We here in the heart of the Garden Route are located mid-way between George and Sedgefield and some 40 Kms from Knysna. We have historically been at a disadvantage as we do not have a large population of Game easily visible to the Public. However we do have the most magnificent mountain Ranges in the country, the finest indigenous forests , the greatest Ocean , the stupendous lakes district some of the lakes with RAMSAR accreditation , the finest Fynbos , the favourite mountain passes , the little five , and some of the best Marine life , hey who needs animals.

I have been Chairman for the past 5 years and have been ably assisted by my Vice Chair Mrs. Maureen Cohoe , and Secretariat is carried out by Tony Parker. We consist of 17 qualified members and last week we had the pleasure of passing 24 Applicants through the qualifying courses and it looks like a breath fresh air is starting to blow in the Garden Route as most of the applicants were young, able and still earning salaries wheras most of our corps are retired folk. Looking forward to passing on our years of experience and knowledge to our new intake and take time out to smell the fynbos.

We have an active squad monitoring the hiking trails in the area and also actively participating in the control of alien vegetation in the indigenous forests. Time is spent educating youth groups who visit the Wilderness Section of the Garden Route National Park and are taken canoeing and educated in the forest and all things ecological. Annually we host up to 90 Voortrekkers on Marine Educaion and life skills. Beach patrols form a significant part of our contribution to assist SANParks labour monitoring angling , bait collection and Black Oyster catcher monitoring.

At present we are preparing for the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival during which time we host our Annual Golf Event staged at the magnificent Simola Golf Estate.


Postal Address
P.O. Box 1211